1 - Simple English News

Hej alle sammen = Hello everyone
Here we are; 7.B on Aaker skole. We are 26 pupils in our
class. We are 350 pupils on this school, age 6-15.
On our Island we have 10 public schools and 5 private.
The pupils in our class either live in the town Aakirkeby
(with 2000 inhabitants) or in the countryside.
The pupils who live in the country go forth and back by
We hope you will enjoy our presentation of our Island
Facts about
Bornholm is one of
the most eastern
areas in Denmark. It
takes 3 hours to go
from Copenhagen to
Bornholm; by
through Sweden and
by ferry.
Here you see the populations
that have lived on Bornholm in
the past years. You can see that
many people move away from
this lovely island. Since a lot of
people move away the number
of inhabitants will fall…
We have 40.215
inhabitants on
More facts!
When many people move
away, it has a lot of
consequences. For
example: Schools are
closing because there are
not that many children.
And a lot of shops are only
open in the Summer
season; in the Summer a
big number of tourists
come to see Bornholm and
spend their holiday.
Here you see the percentage of people on different ages, and you see that there are a lot of old people
Age 0-9
8,8 %
Age 10-19
12,1 %
Age 20-29
6,6 %
Age 30-39
8,8 %
Age 40-49
13,9 %
Age 50-59
16,4 %
Age 60-69
17,2 %
Age 70+
16,1 %
The size of Bornholm
From Aakirkeby to North Bornholm there are 31 Kilometers.
From Aakirkeby to East Bornholm there are 18 kilometers.
From Aakirkeby to West Bornholm there are 16 kilometers.
From Aakirkeby to South Bornholm there are 19 kilometers.
Bornholm also have one of the biggest
forests in Denmark
Did you know that 23 % of Bornholm is
Hans Rømer, a forest knight, came and
planted a lot of trees in Almindingen
and made a fence around for keeping
the animals away (so they would not
eat all the plants).
So as you can see
Aakirkeby is nearly in
the middle of Bornholm.
Natur Bornholm
Natur Bornholm is an experience Centre, where you hear and learn a lot about
Denmark. It is suitable for all ages
Natur Bornholm is one of Bornholm’s sights. You can get a lot of information about
Bornholm’s nature, and have fun at the same time. You can see a lot of animals fx.
crocodiles, fish, mice, snakes, frogs and more. You learn about the nature and
environment here on Bornholm.
You can also watch a movie witch takes you back 1.700 million years.
You can experience: time travel, earthquake, dinosaur, bison, a big aquarium,
crocodiles, outside el-car, shop, café etc.
Many schools visit Nature Bornholm.
You can find Nature Bornholm in Aakirkeby.
Round churches
A round church is a special type of church
construction, having a completely circular
plan. On Bornholm we have four round
churches; one in Nyker, Østerlars, Nylars
and Olsker. And for that reason we are the
place in Denmark with the largest amount
of round churches, since there are only
three in the rest of Denmark. In total we
have 22 churches on Bornholm.
Yellow: Olsker round church is the tallest and
the most elegant, it’s built in 1150.
Blue: Nyker round church is the youngest of
them all, it’s built in 1200.
Red: Østerlars round church is the biggest on
Bornholm, it’s built in 1150.
Black: Nylars round church is the best kept
church, it’s built in 1100.
Almindingen is the big forest that is the “Hearth of Bornholm”.
Almindingen is the most beautiful part in the middle Bornholm
Bisons in Almindingen
We have been lucky to get bisons on Bornholm.
The bisons have been transported from Poland to
The bisons came to Bornholm in June 2012
When the project started 7 bison’s arrived, but
now the number is 13.
On Bornholm we have never had bisons before.
The reason we got the bisons on Bornholm is as
a tourist attraction and because for the nature.
Almindingen, where the bison’s are situated , is
3.800 ha.
The red arrow shows you where the road is and
the purple arrow shows you where on Bornholm
the bisons are situated)
On the map you
can see where the
bison live. You
can also drive
through the area
with a car or you
can walk.
The first 7 bison’s were bought for 4
million DKK (= 53.770.236,58 EUR)
The rocking stones
Rytterknægten is a Stone Tower that was built in year 1856.
Rytterknægten is the highest point on Bornholm. It was built
as a memory of King Frederik the 7th.
On a fantastic clear day you can see almost all around
Bornholm from the top of the tower even the south coast of
Sweden! Rytterknægten is situated 162 meters over the ocean
and is almost in the middle of Bornholm in Almindingen.
Stone quarry on Bornholm
Dueodde Beach
The beach on Dueodde is fantastic. It is so beautiful. The
sand is soft and white and the water is blue. You can swim,
take a sunbath and you can go walking and have a picnic.
Dueodde is in the of south of Bornholm.
Krølle-Bølle is a troll, and he was invented during 2nd
world war by a man called Ludwig Mahler for his son
Ole Mahler.
Maybe Krølle-bølle is one of the
Hej = Hi
underground people… the
underground people are said to
live under the ground and have
the size of a small child. They
wear a red cap and wear clothes
made of wool.
His name is Krølle-bølle because he has
a curl on his head and a curly tail and
two horns on his forehead
Krølle-bølle is said to be
born on the 76m tall
Langebjerg in Sandvig.
There is also an icecream
named after Krølle-Bølle.
Made by:
Text made by: all pupils from 7.B
Power Point made by: Bertel, Jacob, Fang og Thomas.
Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas

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