Rubber Tip Gum Stimulator

Shari Stuart
It is used to stimulate and firm the gums after
a surgery.
 It is used when gingivitis or periodontal disease is
 However, it is not recommended for healthy
gum tissue.
The Benefits of a gum stimulator:
 It is used to shrink the swelling around the
teeth of your gums.
How to you know if your gums are
 Your gum tissue has redness
 Your gums bleed easily when brushing or
 If you have a bad order on the dental floss,
after flossing you teeth
 Sometimes you can see the inflammation of
the gum tissue just by looking in the mirror
How will the gum stimulator
 It will keep your gums healthy by removing
the plaque between your teeth in the gum
 90% of all gum problems are caused from
the gum tissues between your teeth not
being stimulated.
Plaque & Gum Relationship = Not
 It accumulates on your teeth every 24 hours
 It must be broken up from a stimulus, and
removed from your gum tissue
 If the plaque is not stimulated and removed,
gum disease will start to develop in a matter
of 2 weeks
What do your gums need?
 Your gums tissues need exercise to keep
blood in the tissues.
 The blood carries away the bad toxins in the
 The gum stimulator will remove the plaque
and help blood flow to the top of your gums
 When you exercise you gum tissue it will
keep the tissue firm and healthy
How to use the rubber tip gum
 You trace the tip of the gum stimulator
along the gum line around your teeth.
(sweeping motion around the gum tissue)
 Put the gum stimulator in-between the
spaces of your teeth and move it up off the
How often should you use the gum
 You should use it every time you brush
your teeth
 It is recommended that you brush after
every meal or at least twice a day
Use it anytime
 You can use your gum stimulator while
you are busy or relaxing
Use it while watching TV
 Use it while Driving
 Use it when reading the news paper
How to care for the rubber tip gum
Keep it stored in a cool dry place
Replace it every time you replace
your toothbrush: every 3 months is
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