The Silver Maple Forest is still alive

The Silver Maple Forest is still alive
The Silver Maple Forest is more valuable as it
is now than any development would be on
the site, despite what has been lost…
Flood mitigation capacity, working in tandem with the Cambridge Stormwater
Wetland, along with the other significant ecosystem services (C sequestration,
pollution abatement, etc.)
Core habitat and an essential landscape element contributing to DCR
Reservation and Greater Alewife Ecosystem integrity and biological diversity,
diminishing significantly the function and value of an important urban wild
state reservation (exodus happening)
Health and happiness of citizenry (effects on immune function, cognitive
relief and emotional balance, neurorestoration, lower systolic blood pressure,
increased Natural Killer Cell count, self esteem, domestic crime rates)
Our children’s school performance
It’s time for
Science 345, 1558 (2014);
Georgina M. Mace
Whose conservation?
Who has the courage to confront inadequate
laws with the moral will of our citizens?
Belmont and Cambridge citizens, all Belmont Selectmen, and many
Cambridge City Councilors, etc. DO NOT WANT THIS DEVELOPMENT TO HAPPEN
The laws protecting habitat and species and governing developmental
regulations are not grounded in good ecology and are essentially immoral
when they conflict with the will of the people who live there. We could hold
hands and link and span the regulated and unregulated areas, statuteprotected and unprotected areas for wildlife. They are part of a whole forest
which is part of a whole socioecological Greater Alewife Ecosystem
When will our leaders truly listen and challenge the laws that breach the
moral will of the citizenry?
What story am I going to tell my grand daughter, one of enlightened action or
betrayal of present and future citizens?

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