JISC Repositories Take Up and Embedding Projects

JISC repositories take-up and
embedding projects (#JISCrte)
RSP Autumn School, 08th November 2011
Laurian Williamson
Open Access Adviser/JISCrte Project Co-ordinator
[email protected]
JISCrte aims…
…to improve institutional services that rely on
the repository by enabling take-up of the
lessons and benefits from the most successful
repository applications, tools and good practice.
…to contribute to the progress of embedding
repositories within academic life in the UK
Higher Education (HE) environment.
Background JISCrte
JISC-funded through the Information
Environment Programme 2009-11
• http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/inf11.aspx
RSP co-ordinating project progress and
dissemination of findings
Projects run from February 2011 through
December 2011
JISCrte projects
Projects and progress
Hydra in Hull – University of Hull
MIRAGE – Middlesex University
eNova – Visual Arts Data Service
DORA (EXPLORER) – De Montfort University
NECTAR – University of Northampton
RADAR – Glasgow School of Art
MIRAGE – 3D Visualisation
MIRAGE 3D Visualisation
MIRAGE and uploading images
MIRAGE – uploading images
Hydra in Hull
Hydra in Hull
• Hydra in Hull is now live http://hydra.hull.ac.uk
• Ongoing/next steps
– Switching links from old repository
– Roll out create and edit to University content
– Feed back Hull developments to Hydra core
• Upgrade to accommodate latest Hydra developments
planned for mid-November
– These weren’t quite ready during the project
– They include better configuration options and drag ‘n’
Hydra in Hull
Lessons learned
- How to make good use of Ruby on Rails as a
development platform (very flexible)
- Keeping track of issues as you implement a new
platform ensures they are then properly captured so they
can be dealt with (JIRA bug tracking worked very
- Always consider the backup option in case of problems
(unplanned developer absence required careful
adaptation of priorities)
Hydra in Hull – future plans
Future work on the repository is planned
History DMP project
- part of the JISCRMD programme
- DMP project will be gathering requirements for
research data management planning in history
- includes plan to enhance Hydra for data management
Blacklight will be the next generation library catalogue
- Blacklight is the UI for Hydra
- Aim to tie together their digital repository and catalogue
The Glasgow School of Art and
RADAR – Research, Art, Design, Architecture,
Positive feedback from Repository Fringe and the
‘repository song’ performed has been a success
Development has been instigated with EPrints
First iteration to be available in November 2011
RADAR – will go ‘live’ in January 2012
Testing to take place while carrying out a mock
REF exercise
Integration of new repository with the new GSA
website, liaison with ScreenMedia
Alterations made to the standard EPrints
workflow to accommodate the needs of GSA
System becoming embedded in the ethos of
Sketches converted into
improved EPrints
Flow of execution for repository: (1)
Login, (2) Add Item, (3) Describe
item, (4) Add supporting evidence, (5)
Review item, (6) Submit for review
and final depositing in RADAR
Access point for RADAR on the new
GSA website (this isn’t active yet, this is
only a design screenshot)
Since the Repository Fringe the
development of RADAR has been
enhanced by the appointment of our
new Head of Research and
Postgraduate Studies, who has
provided valuable support for the
project and development work. Also
our progress has accelerated and we
are starting to see an end product,
and will be ready for testing in
November 2011.
Embedding institutional research repositories
into the culture of arts researchers by enhancing
the MePrints profile tool
Feedback from arts researchers to enhance the
MePrints tool and by making connections across
Reviewed possible tools for adaptation for
DORA (Dspace repository)
Focus is on ‘Kulturising’ DORA
Integrating DORA with DMU website
Updated mandate and circulated to all staff
New advocacy materials developed
Drop-in sessions for staff
More prominent position on DMU research
EXPLORER – collection with a video
EXPLORER – collection with an
Open Access Week
• Big event planned: personal
invitations, lots of publicity,
great external speakers,
competitions, free lunch...
• ... but (very) poor uptake, so
chose to postpone.
• Have VC’s support for future
OA event – likely to be
combined with the launch of a
new university OA journal.
• Is October the best date for
International Open Access
Week? What do others think?
EThOS and Kultur
• EThOS – most changes
completed, workflow for
embargoed theses still
under consideration
• Kultur – changes
completed on test
server and approved by
Steering Group; to be
transferred to live
NECTAR imminently
Note: Red text
distinguishes test
from live server
Added value
Staff profiles:
• two views, determined
by whether staff
member has already
posted publication
details to their profile
• Positive response from
staff (and rise in
NECTAR deposits)
Repository statistics:
• IRStats installed
• Working with Research
Office to supply latest
statistics to Deans
Project urls
MIRAGE http://image.mdx.ac.uk/vin/demo.php
HiH https://hydra.hull.ac.uk/
DORA https://www.dora.dmu.ac.uk/
NECTAR http://nectar.northampton.ac.uk/
RADAR – not yet available
Chris Awre (HiH)
Dr Xiaohong Gao (MIRAGE)
Dr Miggie Pickton (NECTAR)
Dr Elizabeth Lunt (DORA - EXPLORER)
Dr Robin Burgess (RADAR)
Marie-Therese Gramstadt (eNova)
Further information on the projects available from

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