SPRINGTIME HOUSE in Romania-USA, Inc. Homes of Hope for

Homes of Hope for Orphans
2015 Romania Mission Trip
July 3-12 and/or 17-25
Contact: Rick or Sandy Scott
Office: 281-903-7230; Cell: 281-787-7430
Email: [email protected]
Our Mission is to rescue orphans! Therefore, Springtime
House provides orphans with God-centered, family-style
homes. We also help provide financial, spiritual and
emotional support in order to communicate God’s love.
Children are taught critical life skills which helps combat
human trafficking through internal operations and
partnerships with other organizations and churches – in
America and in Romania.
The goal of Springtime House in Romania is to provide
direction, oversight, financial and administrative support in
order to create Christ-centered private homes with
environments that foster love and nurturing for orphans. Our
full-time, on-site staff in Romania serve as the parental voice
in these children’s lives. They are on the front line in the fight
against abandonment, neglect, abuse and human trafficking.
They ensure that we create maximum opportunity for the
children who are rescued from state-run facilities and off the
street to enjoy a normal childhood, attend a local school,
participate in athletics and more importantly, they are
mentored to know and love God. Springtime House USA is
their voice in America to raise awareness, money and support.
Each caregiver, is called by the Lord Jesus to to serve orphaned
children, they are trained within their specialty to provide the
day-to-day care.
1. ‘Hammer’ Team 1
Critically needed expansion to
build 2 bedrooms + 1 bath in
attic room of Casa Emanuel in
Dej (SH construction engineer
on site)
2. ‘Heart’ ESL Team, English
as Second Language ~30
students Calling Teachers and
Assistants Location, Betel
Church, Dej
• B&B at Pension Nova, Dej
3. ‘Hammer’ Team 2:
Paint interior & some exterior
at Casa Bethania in Cluj;
• B&B at Pension Maria, Cluj
4. ‘Hammer’ Team 3:
Casa Filidelfia, Timisoara
(see p. 2 for more info)
• B&B, Timisoara tbd
Checks to:
Springtime House in Romania
P.O. Box 17912
Sugar Land TX 77496
or PayPal online
Proposed Mission Projects - 2015
Casa Emanuel
• Casa Emanuel, Dej:
Gabriel & Sanda Rus
adopted 5 children: Dana,
Gabi, Beni, Antonio, and
Debora. Claudia, Gabriela,
Razvan, Raul, Alina, Boldy
and Susana are orphaned
children they are fostering.
Susana is going to college in
Ordea. 12 Total.
• Gabriel built his home, but
could use some help making
the attic into 2 bedrooms
and 1 bath to accommodate
the extra children they have
brought into their lives to
love and support. This will
be the main ‘Hammers’
project of Mission 2015.
• ESL will occur
simultaneously for about 35
children. Casa Emanuel: 11,
Primavara: 5, Casa Bethany
1, House of Hope, Dej 18..
Host church is Betel
Penticostal Church in Dej,
Pastor Nelu Muresan.
Lunch will be provided by
the ladies of Betel.
Accommodations: Pension
Nova B&B in Dej. (Breakfast
& Dinner included)
• Casa Bethania, Cluj: Nicu
and Rita (each end) with
foster children, Gabriel
(Gabi) on left, Raluca on
right. (Sandy & Rick
center). This photo was
taken after our Mission 2014
when they helped with the
projects at Casa Primavara.
• Having no children of their
own, Nicu and Rita heard
God’s call 25 years ago and
began foster care for
orphaned children. They
have provided a Christian
home and care for over 28
children. Currently, they
have two living with them
and are directly helping 5
more of their older children
transition to adult
• Casa Filidelfia (sic),
Timisoara, is the home of
Ingrid van der Velde, a
single lady from The
Netherlands who heard
God’s call to move to
Romania after attending
college. She adopted two
orphaned children and
provides foster care to 11
• Ingrid requests help with
home repairs: toilets, cover
the terrace, repair/repurpose
guest room back property
for aged-out orphans to
have a safe apartment;
exterior repairs & painting,
garden shed. Springtime
House V.P., Dan Allice, will
be Project Manager.
• The interior & some exterior
of their needs painting.
Minor repairs are needed.
Vasile & Elena Rus of
Primavara are their friends
and will participate in this
Accommodations: Pension
Maria B&B, Floresti Cluj
(Breakfast incl.)
A local Pension B&B in
Timisoara tbd.

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