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Video Advertising
Digital Marketing. Local Service.
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Video in the purchase funnel
Video defined
The AdTaxi difference
Questions to ask and when to include video
Open Q&A
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Reach Consumers through the Purchase Cycle
Consumer Purchasing Funnel
Digital Product Pyramid
& Video
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Reach Consumers in
Consideration: Video
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Did You Know?
• Australians spent an average of 4 hours and 35 minutes per month
watching online video in Q1 2012, up from 3 hours and 27 minutes in Q4
2011. (source: ACNielsen)
• In Australia, the amount of time spent watching videos on mobile phones and
tablets continues to grow… According to Nielsen's Australian Multi Screen
report, 15% of Australians watched on tablets, while 11% watched video on their
mobile phone in Q1 2012 (up from 5% and 7%). (Source: ACNielsen)
• Online video consumption increased considerably across all age demographics
during 2011 (Source: ACNielsen).
• Visual content drives engagement. Just one month after the introduction
of Facebook timeline for brands, visual content -- photos and videos -saw a 65% increase in engagement. (Source: Simply Measured)
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Did You Know?
• In May 2011, Australian Internet users, on average watched more than 10
hours of total viewing time during the month. YouTube delivered video to
more than 8.6 million viewers in Australia during the month, reaching 3 out
of every 5 online users at an average of 70 videos per viewer (Source:
• 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute. (Source: YouTube)
• Viewers spend 100% more time on pages with videos on them. (Source:
• Viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product
video (Source: Internet Retailer).
• Research on the purchasing response of online shoppers show a 35% increase in
sale conversion rate of shoppers who engage with rich media versus those who
do not. Shoppers that view video ‘product tours’ spent over 2.5 minutes more with
each product (Source: PowerRetail).
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Did You Know?
• Over 60 hours of videos are uploaded each minute on
(Source: YouTube)
• In May 2011, Australian Internet users, on average watched more than 10 hours
of total viewing time during the month. YouTube delivered video to more than 8.6
million viewers in Australia during the month, reaching 3 out of every 5 online
users at an average of 70 videos per viewer (Source: ComScore)
• Property listings with video on receive 403% more
enquiries compared to those without video (Source: Business2).
• In Australia, men watch twice as much online video as women . On average,
males watched just over 10 hours of online video per month, while females
averaged 5.2 hours. Males also consumed a higher number of videos on average
at 113 videos per viewer, compared to females at 72 videos per viewer (Source:
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AdTaxi Video Solution
Pre-Roll Video is served before video content on
leading websites and begins playing immediately
(with sound) when a user chooses to watch content
AdTaxi In-Banner Video is served in an IAB banner
unit (i.e. 300x250) alongside premium content on
leading websites and begins playing immediately
with user-initiated sound
:15 and :30 spots are ideal and an excellent way to
extend reach of existing campaign to additional
AdTaxi Video helps achieve broad reach & effective
audience targeting simultaneously
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AdTaxi Video Difference
AdTaxi Video aggregates inventory from top
publishers, YouTube, ad exchanges, ad servers, supply
side platforms, Facebook social games and other
sources to reach 99% of internet users
Channel targeting to key demographic segments
Behaviorally target to In-Market Consumers
Social Video Demographic Targeting – AdTaxi can
target select audiences by age and gender on the
Facebook platform with social video.
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AdTaxi Video Difference
Optimization – Use real-time metrics like demographics, second-bysecond engagement and social network sharing, AdTaxi automatically
shifts spending to the placements and audience segments where the ad
has the biggest impact. We can optimize by: views, completions, clicks,
or shares.
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Leader In Brand Protection
AdTaxi self-certify with the IAB’s
Quality Assurance Guidelines
Apply white and black listing
technologies to ensure ads run only on
pre-authorized sites
Ranked highly among rich media
and video ad networks in industry
trust report compiled by a leading
media verification company
Serve ads only to publishers that are
systematically integrated into our platform
Full-time brand safety team that
manually reviews more than
100 million video ad calls daily
Partnered with Ad Safe to audit
campaigns, prevent invalid placements
and help classify inventory
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How We Target Audience
AdTaxi is focused on
eliminating ad waste by
serving to a directed
consumers online
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Geo Targeting
We can target most geographic clusters. Make sure to weight your
impression count by population density.
By Country
By State
By City
By geo zone
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Demographic Targeting
Target prime audience segments
Income: $50,000 to $100,000 per year
Age range: 25-45 year olds
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Smart Audience & Channel Targeting
Geographic Targeting
Ad Delivery
Ex: 25 mile radius of Boulder
-by Content
-by Behavior
-by Channel
-by Demographic
Ad Taxi is a Digital Ad Network that gives its advertisers an opportunity to reach
audiences in any geo zone or DMA across thousands of Australian sites. These
are a few examples of some of the websites that your ad can be displayed.
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Define the Advertiser’s Target Audience
Questions to Ask
Where do your customers come from? How far away will they travel?
What are their interests?
What is the most purchased product or service?
How often do they return or repeat business?
What is their average age range?
Are they predominantly Female or Male?
Are their income qualifications to your products or services?
What do they read online?
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AdTaxi YouTube Search
Customer creates and places their video
on YouTube
Often, videos are buried amongst
hundreds of thousands of other videos
YouTube search works like traditional
search except that it is only on YouTube
and delivers video ads instead of text ads
We manage the campaign, pace the
budget, ensure a solid quality score and
optimize to ensure best results
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Indicators YouTube Search is a Fit
Advertiser has YouTube Channel with little traffic
Running cable and television spots
Wants to try digital video but does not know where to start
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Example of Video Customers
Industry case study for industry here. Case studies can be found at (username and
password are both partner2013
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Reporting and Analytics
Your News Australia Dashboard
helps us optimise your results as
part of your monthly review
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Best practices
• Always include your on- net video when pitching AdTaxi video
• Present video with the other display solutions
• Include re-targeting as an assumed part of the buy- be sure to
get the right information so you can calculate
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