TLTC - University of Maryland

(formerly the Center for Teaching Excellence and the
Learning Technologies division of DIT)
2301 Marie Mount Hall
Stephen Roth, PhD
Director of Outreach and Instructional Innovation
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
• SOTL is scholarly inquiry into student learning
that advances the practice of teaching by
making research findings public.
• Teaching should be a scholarly endeavor – we
should build knowledge of what works and
doesn’t, and let the world know what we’ve
SOTL Examples?
• Small group discussion:
– How have you been involved with SOTL activities
at other institutions?
How to do it!
• In small groups,
discuss how SOTL
activities can be
performed in your
– Challenges?
– What’s feasible?
SOTL for Professional Growth
• Publishing your work provides opportunities
for personal & professional advancement.
• IRB approval is likely required for most
published efforts. You will want to address this
need early in the process.
Your Interests?
Why Use TLTC?
• Research shows:
– Faculty who work with centers have better
student ratings
– Faculty who work with CTE are more
– For a small amount of time (!), you can see
strong improvements in course structure,
pedagogy, and student learning
Faculty Programs
• Instructional Consultations
• Workshops and
• Technology Training
• UGST Faculty Fellows
• Course Improvement
• Lending Library
• Teaching Resource Guide
Grant Programs
• Course Improvement
Grants (USM; Provost’s
office; GenEd programs;
• Learning communities with
stipends (UGST Faculty
Fellows; Technology
• School-specific?
Instructional Consultations
• Meet with Instructors one-on-one
• Individual or department initiated
• We can help with:
classroom observation with feedback
syllabus construction
course evaluations
teaching with technology
teaching philosophy/portfolio
• All materials are confidential
• Can be long- or short-term
TLTC “Commons”
• Coming soon…
• Online learning community
around teaching and learning.
• Especially designed to be as
inclusive as possible – all
manner of instructors are
encouraged to participate.
Contact Information
Stephen Roth, Ph.D.
Teaching and Learning Transformation Center
University of Maryland,
College Park, MD, USA
UMD Teaching Resource Guide
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