Peg Solitaire with Depth First Search

Peg Solitaire
with Depth First Search
B Y: I R I S G A R C I A
Peg Solitaire
 Single-player board game with pegs that can come in
many different shapes such as:
 The purpose of the game is to eliminate all pegs by
jumping over them, similar to the game of Checkers.
Peg Board
 The simplest peg solitaire
design is the triangular peg
board, often referred to as
the “Cracker Barrel” design.
 This design is similar to an
equilateral triangle where
each edge has the same
number of pegs, and each
row has one more peg than
the row above it.
 The Board can be represented
as a tree in order to
implement how to traverse it.
Depth First Search Algorithm
DepthFirstSearch(Board b, Peg start)
If (Grandchild.isEmpty())
updateBoard(); //updates empty peg, location, etc.
backtrack(); // backtrack to previous and/or try right child
Class Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Use Case Diagram
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