Final Focus Lecture

Final Focus
The best two minutes of your
(debate) life.
The First and Only Rule of Final
• The Final Focus is not for new argumentation
or most types of clash
• Leave the rest of the debate behind and just
illustrate to the judge what your final focus of
the round is.
Acceptable things for a Final Focus
• Recapitulation of Framework and any other
observational debate
• Impact Calculus
• Considerations to the particular round
• The goal is to lead the judge to vote for you
• As we have discussed before the Framework
links your contentions the resolution in
addition to framing the round.
• Therefore discussion of the framework in
addition to an impact calculus should be the
only thing you need to win.
Impact Calculus
• Calculus: A particular method of calculation or
• The other inclusion in a good Final Focus is an
impact calculus.
• Represent each of your contentions and their
• Then you present an interpretation or method
of reasoning to describe why your impacts
outweigh your opponents.
• Well if your final focus includes those things as
well as any considerations particular to the
round. You have…
– An interpretation of the debate up until this point,
and a system of reasoning as to why your points are
valid/preferable with regards to the resolution.
– And a set of reasons for why your impacts or
contentions completely outweigh your opponent’s.
– If you successfully integrate both elements then you
should win.
But Wise Master Scott How? For I am
but a lowly mortal.
-Practice: For every debate you ever do, practice
and otherwise obsess over each final focus
that you give. 99.9%a of losses can be traced,
in part, to the content of the final focus.
Therefore study the impact calculus, your
discussion of frameworks and any possible
mess ups. Then do rebuttal redos.
a. Source: Science
Novice/JV Tip
• If you have researched enough you can come to the
profound realization that there is a finite amount of
viable arguments and your own cases will not change
that much.
• Therefore you can practice, in part, what you will say in
your final focus. If you want to really do extra work you
can even come with a sort of template for your final
focus specific to your current topic.
• The best practice is rebuttal redos for actual rounds
that you have done. But if you are feeling
overwhelmed by your final focus then there are steps
you can take to prepare yourselves.
How you look about now…
Don’t Worry
• If none of that makes sense we will be
lecturing in much more depth on
argumentation strategies such as impact
• And we are going to go over some examples
from old cases now.
How You Will Feel When You Deliver
an Awesome Final Focus

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