Image and Video Processing @DIA
6 June 2013
Image and Video Processing @ DIA -- 6 June 2013
• Gabriele Guarnieri and Gianni Ramponi: High-dynamic-range images and their
perceived quality; general-purpose and medical applications
• Stefano Marsi and Sergio Carrato: Some forensic applications
• Nimisha Agarwal: Three brief studies: noise smoothing; watermarking; lowcomplexity interpolation and compression
• Felice Andrea Pellegrino: Automatic quality assessment of intraocular lenses
(and more)
• Eric Medvet and Alberto Bartoli: Handwritten digits OCR with SVM cascade
• Francesco Brun and Patrizio Accardo, BISPLab: Three-dimensional image
processing and analysis for biomedical applications
• Massimiliano Comisso and Riccardo Corrado: Retry limit setting for video
distortion control in 802.11e networks
• ...
Image and Video Processing @ DIA -- 6 June 2013
Properties of vision (eye optics, retinal processing)
Perspective corrections
Image and video interpolation (and compression)
Genetic programming
Machine learning
High-order spectra
Image tampering: non-uniformity of the sensor; JPEG statistics
Multiscale image representations (for robotic painting)
Invisible watermarking
Edge-preserving noise removal
Skeletonization, 2-D and 3-D
Morphological filters
Image and Video Processing @ DIA -- 6 June 2013
When final user is human: perceived quality
-- Optical effects of misplaced lenses (intraocular lenses), mechanical eye model
Quality metrics? exploit saliency of image parts to improve correspondence between
MOS and quality metrics; use hdrvdp model
histogram distance using earth mover distance for image retrieval
-- Document analysis for automated acquisition of paper dox
OCR, also handwritten, char. separation; SVM
-- 3D medical image data: CT reconstruction algos as a function of no. of
projections  use phase image
micro-CT data, analysis of the porous phase
-- Video transmission H264 scalable
analysis of distortion due to missing packets
Image and Video Processing @ DIA -- 6 June 2013

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