New England Collaborative Data Management

New England Collaborative Data Management Curriculum (NECDMC):
An Educational Program and Service for Best Practices in Research
Data Management
Regina Fisher Raboin
Research Data Management Services Group Coordinator/Science Librarian
Tisch Library, Tufts University
Scholarly Communications Interest Group
Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS)
American Library Association
Saturday, April 28, 2014
Data Stinks, Information Rocks!
Jim Hirschauer
Accessed: June 28, 2014
UMass Medical School Lamar Soutter Library
Principal Investigator
Elaine Martin, Library Director/NECDMC PI
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Project Coordinators
Donna Kafel, New England e-Science Coordinator
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Andrew Creamer, formerly University of Massachusetts Medical
School; Scientific Data Management Specialist, Brown University
Phase 1: Planning
August 2010-December 2011
“Planning a Data Management Curriculum…”
IMLS grant with Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
Project deliverable: “Frameworks for a Data
Management Curriculum”
New England Data Management
Phase 2: Content Development
Funding from NN/LM NER
Content developers teamed up to create lecture
notes, slides, and additional cases
May 2012-November 2013
Expanded collaboration of content contributors
(Tufts, UMA, Northeastern, MBL/WHOI; Countway,
Harvard Medical School, UConn)
New England Data Management
NECDMC Partners
NECDMC Website
Tufts NECDMC Roles
• Co-authored Modules 1, 3, and 6
• Editorial role for curriculum
• Case studies
• Data Management Plans (DMPs)
• Webinar on DMPs
• Pilot site for NECDMC
• Outreach
Role of Having Teaching Cases
Ortho Case (2011)
Vitamin D Bipolar Depression Case (2013)
Lesson Plans
• Learner Objectives
• Module Content
• Activities
• Research Cases
• Assessment
• Readings
New England Data Management
Phase 2: Local Piloting
• NN/LM, MAR Class (Mid-Atlantic Region, Philadelphia, April 2014)
• 90 minute class for UMMS CTSA (Clinical & Translational Scientific
• 15-week Simmons GSLIS course
• “Train-the-Trainer Workshop” (November 8, 2013; May 8, 2014)
New England Data Management
Local Piloting
New England Data Management
Local Piloting
E-Science Professional Development Day
Webinar: “Consulting on Data Management
Plans in New England” of the Teaching Research
Data Management series. Presented October 31,
New England Data Management
532G-01 Scientific Data
New England Data Management
Phase 3: Piloting Beyond UMMS
• Make the curriculum available (site launched November 8,
• Solicited partner sites throughout the U.S. and Canada
• Currently participating in evaluation and feedback loop
• Add to the database of cases, especially in Social Sciences
& Humanities
New England Data Management
Pilot Sites
New England Data Management
NECDMC Community Pilots
Tufts University
Colorado State University
University of Connecticut
University of Cincinnati
New York University
University of Houston
University of Colorado
University of Washington
Oregon State University
University of Massachusetts
Medical School
Boston University
Carnegie Mellon
University of Vermont
Medical School
UMass Amherst
University of Michigan
Harvard Countway
University of Tennessee
Virginia Commonwealth
Piloting Activities
• Teach one or more NECDMC modules
• Use one or more cases
• Implement student evaluation forms and send to UMMS
for compilation
• Participate in instructor survey and individual phone
interview conducted by UMMS consultant
• Agree to share information via monthly phone calls
• Add to database of cases (optional)
New England Data Management
How NECDMC is Being Used
• Informing a semester-long, for-credit
• For librarian professional development
• Library workshops for students
• Module per week with experts
• Graduate student induction
• Library school course
NECDMC Roll-out at Tufts
• Library workshops (Savvy Researcher Series)
• Target specific domains
• Research Data Management Software (RDMS) Pilot Project
• Research [email protected] (May 2014)
Phase 4: Assessment Tools
• Student evaluation form
• Instructor surveys
• Instructor interview
New England Data Management
NECDMC Pilot Student Feedback
Cloud Sharing and Storage Issues
Data Retention
Knowledge about Technical Standards
Long-term Formats
Beyond UMass: Dissemination
• North Atlantic Health Science Librarians (NAHSL) (October 2013)
• Teaching RDM with the New England Collaborative Data
Management Curriculum workshop (November 2013)
• RDAP (March 2014)
• University of Massachusetts and New England Area Librarian eScience Symposium (April 2014)
• Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Scholarly
Communications Interest Group (May 2014)
• Medical Library Association (May 2014)
New England Data Management
Improvements? Yes!
Specific examples of metadata preparation
Details of where people should go for help
RDM responsibilities (PI, students, etc.)
Local tools, policies, and support available
Discussions about quality control
Specifics on sharing
Specifics on depositing data
Tisch Library: Strategic Initiatives
National Science Foundation (NSF) Informational Trip (March 2014)
o Arranged by Lewis-Burke Associates, LLC
o Meetings and Discussions
• NSF Head, Policy Office, Division of Institution and Award Support
• Seven Division Directors
o Executive summary: OVPR, Tufts Libraries, TTS, and DCA have opportunity to
evolve and build university-wide data management services, policies and
o Report with broad takeaways and recommended OVPR/Tisch Library collaborative
E-Science Duraspace Institute (November 2013 - April 2014)
o Collaboration between Tisch Library and TTS
o Tufts Team: Evan Simpson, Head, Research & Instruction; Lionel Zupan, Director,
Research & GIS Services, TTS; Regina Raboin
o Environmental survey of Tufts E-Science, data management policies
o Results: Tisch Library Data Management Services Strategic Agenda (Draft)
Tisch Library Research Data
Management Services Next Steps
• RDMS Pilot Program
– Edited NECDMC modules 1, 2 & 3 for pilot
– Outreach to Tufts faculty
– Members of Tisch research data management group involved in
every aspect of the pilot project, including project management
• Expansion to all Tufts libraries
– Use NECDMC to teach Tufts librarians
– Presented workshops to Tufts Medical School/Sackler School
Tisch Library Research Data
Management Services Next Steps
• NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU Program)
• A, S & E Graduate Schools
– Proposing best practices in research data management
workshops or workshop series
• Tufts Office of Research Administration
– Work with Director of Program Development to include best
practices in a PhD focused program
For more information on piloting NECDMC please
contact us.
[email protected]
[email protected]
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