PitE / SNRE GSI Application Process Information Session

PitE and SNRE
W15 GSI Information Session
 Kelly Campbell
PitE Department Administrator
 GSI Timeline Review
 PitE GSI Positions – Winter 2015
 Application process demo
 Selection Criteria
 Background Check Requirement
 Making a good 1st impression
 GSI Requirements
 Compensation and Benefits
 GEO Agreement
 Teacher Certificate
 Other Student Employment Opportunities
GSI Timeline
 Oct. 8: PitE Info Session
 Oct 3: SNRE positions posted & Info Session
 Oct 8: PitE positions go-live on umjobs.org
 Oct 20: SNRE application materials due by 9:00 AM
 Oct. 21: PitE application materials due by 5:00 PM
 Nov. 4: 1st round of offer letters issued PitE & SNRE
 Nov. 11: Offer acceptances due
 Nov 13: 2nd round of offer letters issued if necessary
 Jan. 6: CRLT Orientation session (tentatively)
 Jan. 7: PitE-SNRE Orientation/start of classes
PitE GSI Positions – Winter 2015
 ENV 111- Global Change II
 ENV 201 Ecological Issues
 ENV 256 Culture, Adaption & Environment
 ENV 301 Nature, Culture, Landscape
 ENV 310 Environmental Chemicals & Disease
 ENV 311 Intro Aquatic Ecosystems
 ENV 361 Psychology of Environmental Stewardship
 ENV 382 Environmental Education for Sustainability
 ENV 391 Sustainability & the Campus
 ENV 409 Ecology of Fish
 ENV 475 Environmental Law
PitE Process - Demo
 PitE positions are listed on: http://www.umjobs.org
 Combine cover letter, resume and transcripts (graduate)
into a single pdf. Please include your name in file name.
Do NOT use the class number alone as the file name!
 If you have letters of recommendation or other
transcripts, please email them to Kelly Campbell
([email protected])
 Once a file is uploaded, it cannot be modified or replaced
 Important – provide your top 4 course preferences via
email [email protected]
Selection Criteria
 Relevant disciplinary background
 Experience or interest in teaching across disciplines
 Strong teaching and organizational skills
 For field courses: relevant practical skills as shown in the
 Academic standing, progress toward degree, and remaining
semesters up to the maximum terms of support allowed.
Background Check Requirement
 A background check is required for any GSI hired
after November 18, 2013. Hire is contingent upon
the results of this process.
 Student will be asked for consent by verification
vendor as first step in hire process
 Student may not work until check is complete
 Must be completed prior to start of term
Making a Good 1st Impression
 Read the job description(s) carefully
 Show how you are the best candidate for the job
 Address how you are uniquely qualified
 Tailor your resume/cover letter to each position
 Proofread! Simple mistakes can be costly
 If first time, consider using Career Center Resources
GSI Requirements
 Orientations and Training – CRLT and PitE/SNRE
 Attend a minimum of two CRLT seminars and/or GSM
‘brown bag’ sessions
CPR/First Aid Certification required for select PitE and
SNRE courses
Register for at least 6 credits
GSIs-register for NRE 600 (1 credit course); 1st time only
Complete a Mid-term Evaluation/Consultation Activity
Complete a Final Evaluation
GSI Compensation & Benefits
 2014-2015 salary rate
 $18,971 FTR
 50% GSI = $2371.38 (16.5-20 hrs/wk)
 Tuition Waiver
 23.7% appt or greater = 100%
 Less than 23.7% = pro rata waiver
 Benefits
 25% appt or greater – full medical and dental
 less than 25% – full medical, dental 50%
 Dependent coverage available
 More info, visit UM HR benefits page:
Graduate Employees Organization (GEO)
 Terms and conditions of GSI employment are
governed by agreement between UM and GEO
 Current agreement runs through 5/1/2017
 Copy of the agreement can be accessed using the
following url:
 http://hr.umich.edu/acadhr/grads/GEOContract2.12.14.
 GEO rep will be on hand during the PitE/SNRE
UM Graduate Teacher Certificate
 Offered through Rackham
 Benefit – documents professional development as a
college-level instructor
 May be included on your CV/résumé
 Does not appear on UM transcript
 For more information, visit:
 http://sitemaker.umich.edu/um.gtc/description
Other Employment Opportunities
GSRA Positions in SNRE
 Unlike GSI positions, GSRA positions are not posted
 Opportunities are primarily through faculty advisors
 Typically funded by external organizations/agencies
 Require regular research work with tangible outcomes
 May not align directly with your research interests or
thesis work.
 Progress reports are typically required
 Inquire early if you prefer a GSRA over a GSI position
Temporary Employment in SNRE
 Temporary Student Hourly – open to anyone
 Work Study
1. Must be US citizen or permanent resident
2. Must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for
Federal Student Aid)
3. Must be eligible—check financial aid package
 Postings are available on the Student Employment
website https://www.studentemployment.umich.edu/
Good Luck!!

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