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Setting up and working with your
chapter or association microsite
Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity
[email protected]
Presenter: Nicholas
Requesting a Fraternity Microsite
• Email [email protected] or call our tollfree number 866-554-1870.
• Someone from [email protected] will
respond back with details on how to get to
your new website and provide you with the
login credentials to get in.
Microsite Templates & Designs
• We have 6 templates available to choose from:
– Austin, Blue, Grey Tut, Irises, Ocean Garden and
– http://chapters.kappakappagamma.org/demo/
– Expect more templates to become available in the
near future!
• If your organization has already paid for a
template on your previous website we can move
that to your new microsite at Kappa as long as
there aren’t any copyright issues.
Website Functions
• There are several website page functions which
you can use to customize your website. The most
powerful one is the WYSIWYG editor. There are
other page functions you can put to good use,
such as:
Event Calendar
Mass Email
Mobile Text Messaging
You-Tube Videos
Photo Gallery
How to get your microsite approved
and public
• First step is to follow the website guidelines
– Chapter websites follow guidelines on form (CP-I)
– Alumnae websites follow guidelines on form (AP-q)
– Also please read “Social Media Guidelines” (CPR-a)
• Not required for Approval
• Contact the Technology Chairman at
[email protected] to start the approval
Getting members on your site
• There are multiple ways of getting members
registered on your site:
– Create a username and password for each member of
your Alumnae Association who has their dues
payment up to date.
– Create one username and password that all paid
alumnae members share. Remember to update the
password so that members who don’t pay can’t get in.
– Have your members sign in using their login
information from Kappa.org
Need Additional Help?
• Feel free to contact [email protected], we
are always happy to help assist with any
questions or concerns you have on your
• Take a look at the Chapter & Association
Websites section on the Kappa.org fraternity
website for additional resources.

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