Lesson Plan:
Mock University Entrance Interviews
Melissa Taylor
College of Continuing Education
Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS
How can we help our students improve
their speaking skills?
Create Mock Interviews
Mock university entrance interviews for EAP
speaking classes
General information
 Students prepare for and participate in university
entrance mock interviews
 Designed for EAP students with IELTS scores of 5.5
– 6.5.
 Role of volunteer interviewers
 Resources: Study Skills for Independent Learning
(2010) and experience working with Immigration,
Settlement and Integration Services (ISIS)
Introduction to interviewing
 Students share their own experiences with
 Discuss different types of interviews
 The Canadian interview process
 Interviewing vocabulary
Canadian resumes
 Look at international and Canadian samples
 Online samples
 University entrance resumes and cover letters from
various fields
Students prepare resumes
 professional looking
 culturally appropriate
1st draft peer feedback from classmates
2nd draft instructor feedback
Final draft send to volunteer interviewer
Name / Address / Phone / Email
Objective: Seeking admission into the Pharmacy program at Dalhousie University
 Excellent communication skills
 Willing to do extra work to gain valuable experience
 Computer proficiency: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Power point and Excel)
Education or Training Programs Completed
 English for Academic Purposes(EAP), College of Continuing Education, Dalhousie
University, Halifax , Level2 94.3%
 IELTS(International English Language Test), Moncton, NB, Canada
 Standard First Aid AID and CPR, Halifax, Canada
 Bachelor of Industrial Management, Hekmat University, Mashhad, Iran
Work and Volunteer Work History
 Crew Trainer, McDonalds, Halifax, Canada
Volunteer, Canadian Red Cross, Halifax, Canada
 Book keeper(Trainee), Payam Noor Organization, Mashhad, Iran
Award Received
Employee of the month(McDonalds), Halifax, Canada
 Available upon request
Interview questions
 What questions are typically asked
Canadian universities?
 Examples of
illegal interview questions
Are you married?
What is your religion?
How old are you?
Preparation for the mock interviews
 Students prepare responses to the questions
they may be asked
 Role play interviews with classmates, time
The interview
The roles of the interviewer & instructor
Sample of the Interview Questions
General questions:
 Tell me about yourself?
Motivation questions:
 Why would you like to study at Dalhousie?
Subject-related questions:
 Why do you want to get a degree in marine biology?
Topical / situational questions
 Describe some of the local marine management issues, such as the
effects of global warming on plankton?
 Is there anything you would like to say to help us to determine your
eligibility for the program?
Video clip of a mock interview
Video clip #2
Marking Criteria
Interview Preparation
______ / 10
______ / 5
Cover Letter
______ / 5
Appropriate and professional presentation
Interview Content
______ / 10
Demonstrates preparation, knowledge of the program
______ / 10
Demonstrates research and knowledge of the field
______ / 10
Thoughtful and appropriate responses to the questions
Language Skills during the Interview:
______ / 10
Listening Comprehension
______ / 10
______ / 10
______ / 10
Vocabulary Accuracy
______ / 10
Grammar Accuracy
 Students complete a self reflection
 Students get a copy of their recorded interview
 Students receive feedback from the interviewer
and the instructor
Interviewer observations
Language Skills
Did the student’s pronunciation, grammar or vocabulary
errors impede communication?
Interviewing Skills
Was the student well prepared for the interview?
Written interviewer observations
Leon showed a lot of enthusiasm for
the subject matter. Smiled a lot. When
he didn't understand a question he
asked for clarification. I was able to
understand just about everything he
Subject verb agreement was a challenge
at times. He used past tense to talk
about current things. I liked the
example he gave about being a
volunteer tutor. I also liked the fact
that he had questions at the end, but in
a real setting it would be good to
caution him from asking about
financial issues and scholarships
during an interview…
Thank you letters
 Research sample thank you
 Students write thank you
letters to the
 Finding professional
interviewers who are available
 The time required to write
subject–related questions for
each student
 15 hours of class time
Goals outweigh the challenges
 Speaking practice
 Students become familiar
with the Canadian
interview process
 Students get first-hand
experience participating in
a professional interview
 Resume writing
 Fun, energizing activity
Study Skills for Independent Learning. (2010). Global assessment certificate. ACT Education Solutions
Ltd. Sydney, Australia.
Thanks to Negar, Abdul, Marwa, Areej, Amal, Denise, Kim, Mohammad, Wenfeng, Sultan
and Waef for agreeing to have their pictures in this ppt.

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