Aware Awake Alive Fresno State Presentation (PowerPoint)

Alcohol Overdose
January 31, 2014
Philip Dhanens
May 21, 1994 – September 2, 2012
• A special Ad Hoc
Committee was formed in
November 2012.
• Its goal was to identify
existing alcohol education
efforts as well as address
gaps in resources to help
prevent this tragedy from
occurring again.
• Survey identified at least 50 different
ATOD efforts that involved:
 Assessments
 Education & Prevention
 Interventions
 Policy Development & Enforcement
Ad Hoc Committee
Example of Existing
• Gaps were identified and prioritized.
• Special emphasis was placed on:
 the importance of reaching out to all new students
 reducing the risk of student alcohol-related incidents
Ad Hoc Committee
Findings Continued…
Examples of New
• A video was created and shown to all incoming Freshmen and
Transfer students during Dog Days.
• This 7-minute video shows students in a typical social
environment & testimonials of two Fresno State students who
survived an alcohol overdose.
• Students and parents were also encouraged to have the difficult
conversation about alcohol safety.
Alcohol Overdose
Prevention Video
• Efforts focused on the new students’ first night and weekend
on campus.
• Standard bulletin boards were required on all floors regarding
alcohol awareness.
• All students were given lanyards with Aware Awake Alive
messaging, along with information on UPD Tip Now.
• Gathering of all students with brief discussion on the loss of
Philip Dhanens and urging them to take care of fellow
University Courtyard
• The second phase of the Protect Your ‘Dogs campaign.
• Based upon the Red Watch Band Program.
• Students trained to recognize the symptoms of an alcohol
overdose, learn the steps to effectively intervene, and receive
CPR certification through the American Red Cross.
Effective Fall 2013
• Fraternity and Sorority recruitment events must be
delayed until week 6 of the Fall semester.
• New member or pledge education programs must be
completed within 9 weeks, including initiation.
• New member education programs must be completed 10
days prior to the start of final exams.
New Greek Life Directives
“Fresno State has been able to take
a tragedy and turn it into an effort
to save students’ lives.”

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