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Priority Dispatch Inc.
State Library/OhioLINK
Economic Initiative Through Strategic Partnership
April, 2012
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About Us
 Priority Dispatch, Inc. was founded in April, 1973.
 Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH
 Primary branches in Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo,
Cleveland, Columbus and Chicago
 Also serving markets in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan,
Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Tennessee
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Mission – Vision – Value Proposition
“Provide superior customer service in successful
Delivery Event Management”
“To be the most efficient, secure Delivery Event
Management Company in the Mid-West”.
“ We accept responsibility to secure and control our
customers’ critical expedited deliveries”
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Clients Served
© 2010 Priority Dispatch
© 2010 Priority Dispatch
What Makes PDI Unique
How are we different? Our 360-degree
process ensures your total confidence
with seamless, strategic, cost-effective
delivery solutions, including customized
staffing and training, precise control and
compliance, real-time verification and
advanced reporting.
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Control & Compliance
Tight Control and
Compliance and
Contingency Plans
Safe and Efficient
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Measures are in place to ensure timeliness,
accuracy and control against lost or damaged
We stay up-to-date with federal, state and local regulatory
standards that may affect your deliveries, including HIPAA, DOT,
We are prepared with detailed plans and regularly tested
procedures to handle any natural disasters, errors, accidents
or issues that may occur during the transportation process.
We accept responsibility to secure and control your critical
expedited deliveries.
Staffing & Training
24/7 Customer
Delivery Event
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With call-in direct access 365 days a year, we’re
here to provide the support you need through
superior customer service.
Our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, teamwork
and quality leadership enables Priority to transfer benefits
immediately to our customers.
Independent contractors and subcontractors are subject to a
qualification process that exceeds industry standards. Per
customer requirements, a structured IC orientation supports
the seamless execution of Priority360.
We have developed a system to integrate the newest technological
services in communications, record-keeping and item tracking with
upgraded monitoring of all services rendered.
 General Requirements
 Uniformed/ ID Badges
 Drug Screened
 Criminal Background Check
 7 Step Training Process
 MVR Verified
 Professional
 Healthcare Specific
 Blood-Borne Pathogen Training
 HIPAA/ Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
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Invoicing & Reporting
Accurate and Timely
Built to
© 2010 Priority Dispatch
Our solid practices and systems consistently offer
you invoices based on mutually agreed-upon
Our data integrates with your accounts payable procedures, so
we are able to deliver personalized invoices and eliminate
Our reporting process is customized to fit your process flow
and management needs, accommodating any data format
you require and facilitating easy management of your
We work diligently every step of the way, offering customized
reporting that monitors compliance levels, procedures and
Tracking & Verification
Systems Setup
Event Tracking,
and Technology
Secure and Controlled
Full Technology
© 2010 Priority Dispatch
We create a seamless system specific to your
needs that enables a continual, efficient approach
to managing your account specifications.
You’ll always know where your shipments are. Our turnkey
network management solutions offer state-of-the-art real-time
tracking and documented information, accessible and retrievable
by you 24/7/365.
Layers of security and business continuity practices ensure
that parcels are accounted for in real time and across the
entire supply chain.
Our proprietary software maximizes our efficiency, giving you the
most current available shipment information and audit trails
through one simple yet secure website.
Analysis & Pricing
Determine the customized solution that meets or
exceeds our customers’ needs.
Prepare comprehensive costing analyses, route
determinations, rate structures, etc.
Review customer requirements, pricing and compliance
measurements to ensure customer satisfaction.
Initiate our Delivery Event Management System™, Priority360.
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Why Choose Priority Dispatch?
 Priority 360˚
 Staffing
 Metrics
 Technology
 Pricing
 History and experience…
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Priority Dispatch, Inc. Rolodex
 State Library/OhioLINK Inbox:
[email protected]
 State Library/OhioLINK Point:
Heather Reed [email protected]
 State Library/OhioLINK Local DC Management Contacts:
Cleveland Dan Walter [email protected]
Columbus Matt Leahy [email protected]
Toledo Terry Holbert [email protected]
Dayton/Cincinnati Scott Schmidt [email protected]
© 2010 Priority Dispatch
Priority Dispatch, Inc. Rolodex Cont.
 State Library/OhioLINK Local DC Operational Contacts:
Cleveland Tim Voytko [email protected]
Columbus Heather Reed [email protected]
Toledo Becky Stidham [email protected]
Dayton Michelle Taber [email protected]
Cincinnati Tim Smith [email protected]
Vice President of Operations
[email protected]
© 2010 Priority Dispatch
Vice President of Sales
[email protected]
Q&A Topics/Open Discussion
 Transitioning a Long Term Vendor Relationship –Communication!
Special Delivery Requirements/Details
Local Relationship Building
 Labels, Labels, Labels!
Dual Sortation Process Until “Old” Labels are Filtered Out of the System
 Other….
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