The Hatred of Juno (cont.)

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1. Hatred of Juno and
Infinitive quiz
Hercules, the son of Alcemene,
once was living in Greece.
 This man is said to have been
the most powerful of all men.
 But Juno, the queen of the
gods, did not like Alcmene and
still wanted to kill her baby,
Therefore, she sent two very fierce
snakes; these (snakes) came in the
middle of the night into the bedroom of
Alcmena, where Hercules was sleeping
with his brother.
 However, they were not lying in
cradles, but in a great shield.
 Soon the serpents had approached
and were moving the shield; and so the
boys were awoken form sleep.
This is Hercules. He is
said to have been very
strong. In the picture he is
sleeping. The goddess
Juno does not like him.
She will try to kill baby
Possible Translation:
Hic est Hercules. Fortissimus fuisse dicitur. In picturā dormit. Dea
Juno eum non amat. Infantem Herculem necare temptabit.

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