Stoneware webNetwork Technical Sales Disclosure

 The Challenges
 The Solution – Stoneware webNetwork Powered by ThinkServer
 Why Lenovo for this Offering
– Seamless & Secure
– Easy to Deploy & Use
– Integrated Solution
 IT and End User Benefits
 Customer Case Studies
 Next Steps
Three Separate Islands of Information
 The Private cloud is comprised of
files, applications and services in
your data center
 The Public cloud is comprised of
files, applications and services
outside your organization
 Many applications and files will
remain on end users’ devices
Public Cloud
The Challenges
End Users
IT Administrators
 Which computing devices can I use?
 How do I support multiple devices & OSes?
 How do I get easy access to my files?
 How do I provide secure, quick access to files?
 How do I get access to the best applications available  How do I deliver the legacy and new applications?
for a device?
 How do I provide remote access to more users?
 How do I get access to resources at home, at work and  How do ensure security?
while traveling?
 How do I decrease the number of images I support?
 How can I get one password for everything?
 What does desktop management look like in the
 How can I get resources presented to me in an easy,
consistent way?
 How do I manage devices I don’t own?
 How do I share and collaborate with other people?
 How do I cut off access when someone leaves the
 How do I simplify my personal and business digital life? organization?
 How do I lower the costs of delivering IT services?
The Solution – Stoneware webNetwork Powered by ThinkServer
 Stoneware webNetwork Powered by
ThinkServer allows IT to create a cloud;
where files, applications and reports from
individual devices, public and private clouds
can be accessed through a single webbased interface with a single password
– Access is now as easy as going to a Browser
– From anywhere
– At any time
Why Lenovo For This Offering
 Seamless & Secure Access
– Unified Cloud – access to applications, services and network files
– Single web-based interface with a single password
– Secure control of delivery of services
 Easy Deployment & Use
– Startup Pack
– Ease of Use
– Unified Cloud makes it easier for IT to deliver services
– ThinkServer Lifecycle System Management
 Integrated Solution
– Tested & Validated
– Lenovo ThinkServers, Operating System, webNetwork software,
Extreme Switches, Lenovo Cloud Ready Clients
Seamless & Secure Access
Consistent User Interface
 For both home & work
 From any device to any device
via a browser
Cloud Desktop
Rich set of Capabilities
• Applications, Content &
• Customizable by Business
Broad Enablement
 For consumer (public
cloud), and
 For corporate (private
 Scalable worldwide
ID &
Single Sign-On
“Player” app
Hosted with an IaaS partner
All Lenovo devices Cloud Ready Clients
Private Cloud
In Customer’s own Data Center
Secure Access
 Two-tier Architecture
 Employees, Partners, Vendors Access to Internal Resources
without Access to the Internal Network
 Single Sign-on to all Public, Private, Local Resources
 End Users Manage Passwords
 Remove Access to Resources by Removing Directory Rights
 Support for Authentication for all Applications
The Architecture
Example of “true” dual firewall DMZ architecture with one combined
internal webNetwork Server/webRelay, and one dedicated public webRelay
webNetwork Features
 webRelay
– Two-tier security architecture that provides
remote access to the end users
 webPass
– Single sign-on to all resources
 webApp
– Intelligent Application Delivery
– Cloud Ready Client
– Virtual, Published, Web, Local
 webDrive
– IT managed access to private and public cloud
file storage
 webPages
– teamPages, calendars, tasks, files and blogs for
 webDesktop
– Web-based desktop, mobile, cloud agent,
webAgent or traditional portal interface
 webManage
– LanSchool Integration provides automated
classlists and on-demand clients
– Desktop management
 webForms/webReports
– Gather, analyze and report on organizational data
 webServices
– Applications designed to simplify many of the
common management tasks.
– Password self-service, user registration, personal
desktop, account self-service, user ID retrieval
and USB key registration
webNetwork Benefits Summary
 Significantly lower cost than implementing VDI
 Faster and cheaper than purchasing and
integrating point products
 Most robust single sign-on platform on the market
 Unique, two-tier architecture strengthens security
Easy Deployment – Startup Pack
 Remote Installation and configuration
of webNetwork Server(s)
 45 Days Phone Support
 24 Hours Pre-Sales Technical Support
Easy Deployment – Consulting Detail
webNetwork Server Remote Install
Integrate software into the directory
Do appropriate DNS entries to support the system
Configure SSL (this does require a customer provided CA signed wildcard SSL certificate)
Configure basic branding (customer colors/logos) on the login page and user interface
Integrate up to four supported file service nodes
Integrate and configure single sign-on for up to six supported applications (Windows applications
will require one of the following: app to be installed on the local client, customer provided MS RDS
server (terminal server) with app installed, or customer provided application virtualization software)
Configure password reset
Configure remote desktop feature
Configure teamPages in pilot mode (a separate database server will be required for production
mode – server can be existing in customer environment or dedicated for webNetwork)
Configure logging and auditing in pilot mode (a separate database server will be required for
production mode – server can be existing in customer environment or dedicated for webNetwork)
Ease of Use - webNetwork
 Unified Cloud decides the best way to deliver services
 Context aware to enable delivery based on:
– Key hardware and/or user interface
– Optimal user experience
– Licensing availability & requirements
 IT no longer needs to stitch together a variety of point
products (SSO, Portal, Remote File Access, Security, Remote
Access, Reporting, Management) to create a cloud
– webNetwork leverages your current investment in directory services
and existing IT infrastructure
Ease of Use - ThinkServer System Management
Lenovo Tools
• Configure RAID, Install bare-metal OS and drivers
• EasyStartup
• EasyManage v4
• Take remote control of servers
• System component level diagnostics
• ThinkServer Management Module
• Measure power consumption and manage power usage
• SmartGrid
• BIOS, BMC and RAID adapter firmware updates
• Firmware Updater
Discover systems automatically
Provide holistic view of Lenovo servers
Provide hardware and software change notifications
Monitor system health
Monitor OS performance and resource utilization
Provide proactive alert notification of system failures or performance bottlenecks
Provide reports for all monitored parameters
Integrated, Tested and Validated Solution
 Components:
– Lenovo ThinkServers
– Windows Server 2012 Standard
– webNetwork Software
– Extreme Networks Switch
– Lenovo Cloud Ready Clients
 Stoneware webNetwork Powered by
ThinkServer Solution Guide
Components - Compute
ThinkServer RD330
 ThinkServer RD330
1x E5-2407
2x 4GB RAM
2x 500GB SATA
RAID 1 configured
RAID 500
1 Power supply
 Operating System
– Windows Server 2012 Standard
ThinkServer RD330
Enterprise Class:
Business-Critical Reliability
Legendary Think quality. Outstanding thermal efficiency. Redundant power and advanced
RAID choices
Enterprise-Grade Manageability
Common feature set, BIOS and tools. Powerful Easy Manage suite and remote management
Fits in Your Environment:
Open Standards
Worry-free, easy integration into existing server networks. Industry-standard interfaces and
Easy Serviceability
Front-side Intelligent Diagnostics. Simple 3-step rack installation. Rapid 4-hour 24/7 service
Outstanding Value:
Highly Efficient
Innovative Smart Grid® power management. Energy Star 1.1 certified and 80+ Gold efficiency.
Great Value
Price perfect, right out of the box
Components - Connect
Extreme Switch, Summit X440 Switch
 The Summit X440 series switches provide Layer 2 and Layer 3
switching on 8, 24, or 48 Ethernet ports, delivering high-density
fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet connectivity using fixed
10/100/1000BASE-T ports. Additional ports on various models
include the following:
 Four 1000BASE-X SFP ports on all 8 port models.
 Four combo (copper/fiber) ports on all 24 port models.
 On 48 port models, four combo ports on the x440-48p, x44048t, and x440-L2-48t, and two combo ports on the x440-48p10G and x440-48t-10G.
 Two 10G BASE-X SFP+ ports on two of the 24 port models, the
x440-24p-10G and x440-24t-10G, and two of the 48 port
models, the x440-48p-10G and x440-48t-10G.
Summit X440 Series
Benefits & Features
 The Summit X440 Series extends the intelligence, insight and control of Extreme Networks XOS to the access
edge in a compact, cost effective series of stackable switches.
 High Availability
– ExtremeXOS Operating System – robust, modular operating system helps ensure uptime with process isolation,
monitoring and automatic restart
– SummitStack - reduce management overhead by combining multiple switches into a single logical unit
– Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching (EAPS) resiliency protocol
– External power supply for redundant power
 Hardware-based IP support (IPv4 and IPv6) and rich Layer 2 to Layer 4 functionality
 QoS – advanced traffic management for converged applications
 PoE/PoE+ - connect and power wifi access points, cameras and IP phones
 Comprehensive Security – identity aware security allows fine grained insight and control
 Redundant Power – available redundant power supply contributes to better reliability
Components - Access
 Lenovo Cloud Ready Clients
– Clients that are able to express to the cloud the following:
–Graphics processing
–Local processor power
–Multi-factor authentication
–Memory usage
–Network bandwidth
– With this information, the cloud can optimize delivery of services based on the
combined resources of the cloud and the client device accessing those services
Benefits- Make End Users Happy
 Provide a simple, consistent experience across devices
 One username/password to access all resources
 Access files, applications and data from mobile devices
 Reduce password related help desk calls
 Increase collaboration and sharing
 Work from anywhere with an Internet connection
Benefits - Decrease Your Costs
 Enable BYOD, significantly reducing technology
acquisition costs
 Reduce helpdesk costs by lowering password calls
 Reduce the need for VPNs
 Eliminate the need to implement VDI
 Shrink the number and size of desktop images
 Extend the desktop refresh cycle
 Lower licensing costs through application monitoring
 Deliver lower cost public cloud applications
Customer Case Study
 Florence Unified School District (FUSD)
– Florence, Arizona
– K-12 with a population of 7,000 students
 webNetwork Benefits for FUSD
– 1:1 Computing, Without Limitations
– Teachers and students can get to all of their files &
applications from a web browser
“We already knew what we needed. We just didn’t
know if the technology existed. When we found
– Private Data Security
out about Stoneware, the decision was a nobrainer. The product is so remarkably flexible and
– All school data & applications are stored on FUSD’s
internal servers & are delivered over the Internet through
easily customized. To top it off, Stoneware’s
an encrypted session
service, technical support and training have all
been phenomenal. Any questions or issues, and
– Remote Access for Vendors
they are right on it.”
– FUSD grants vendors secure log-in for accounting &
- Thomas Howe, Systems Administrator
other data
– IT Cost Savings
Customer Case Study
 Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS)
– Indianapolis, Indiana
– K-12 with a population of 34,000 students
 webNetwork Benefits
– Unparalleled data security
– Applications & network files now reside in a webenabled, private cloud data center that allows remote
access without risk of data altering or exposure
– Measurable labor & equipment cost savings
– Authorized users save time and IT costs by engaging
the full array of hosted applications and data with a
single password
– Flexibility to grow
– webNetwork’s flexible district licensing provide the
ability to expand its user base without incurring
significant cost
– Greater Parent - Teacher communication
“With all the capabilities of our webNetwork, our
satisfaction is easily expressed in a few words. Secure
and integrated solution with one product. It’s really
that simple!”
- Luther Bowens, Systems and Operations Manager
Customer Case Study
 Wheeler Machinery Co.
Based in SLC, Utah
Support and sell the Caterpillar product line
9 remote offices, 645 employees
Active Directory
iPads and Windows 7
 How do they use webNetwork?
• webDesktop
– Employees
• Single Sign-on
• Remote access to files on the SAN
• Rental reports
• HR benefit forms
• Conference room scheduling
• Video board content
Next Steps
 Learn More from a Lenovo
 Download the webNetwork
Unified Cloud Solution
 Deploy the Startup Pack

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