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Key Question 3.4
How do governments affect migration?
How Do Governments Affect Migration?
 Europe – right wing anti-immigrant sentiment
 United States – Calif. demanding federal money to provide services
for illegal immigrants; fences along the Rio Grande
 Great Wall of China (14th c.)
 Berlin Wall
 Korean DMZ
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How Do Governments Affect Migration?
Legal Restrictions
Oriental Exclusion Acts (1882–1907):
U.S. Congress designed immigration
laws to prevent the immigration of
Chinese people to California.
In 1901, the Australian government
approved the Immigration Restriction Act,
which ended all nonwhite immigration into
the newly united country.
White Australia Policy
How Do Governments Affect Migration?
Waves of Immigration in the United States
The United States experienced two major waves of
immigration before 1930 and is in the midst of another
great wave of immigration today.
Immigration quotas in the early 20th c. (designed to keep
out who?)
National Origins Law in 1929
Immigration and Nationality Act:
Selective immigration
(exists in many countries)
How Do Governments Affect Migration?
Post–September 11
New government policies affect asylum-seekers, illegal
immigrants, and legal immigrants.
 Operation
Liberty Shield (2003)
 Justice Dept. can detain any illegal immigrant from any
 Fence-building along Mexican border
9/11 Commission Report was released in 2004
 Concern over fabricated papers
 Stepped up inspections and questioning
at travel check points

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