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CIM Gas extension idea
Ivo Kuijlaars, on behalf of Nico Vlug
October 2011
CIM Gas extension: WHY?
 Some Dutch multi-utility DSO’s see the ‘power and gas silos’ disappear rapidly and
decided to add a gas-network to their CIM-based information-model for power.
 Use cases:
- construction and maintenance of underground infrastructures
- the aim is to combine work on infrastructures to avoid inefficiencies and nuisance for residents
- business process integration
- asset management, GIS, operations, customer contacts
 CIM Gas extension overlaps with CIM Power at
- geographical location, addresses, diagrams, connectivity, currency, engineering units,
market, etc.
CIM Gas extension: HOW?
 First step:
- Will WG13/14 support the relation with a CIM for Gas, with ‘touch-points’ (interfaces) to CIM?
 Second step:
- What can be done by WG13/14 to provide guidelines describing the addition of another
infrastructure to the CIM?
 Third step:
- Creation of a task force or a new (ISO?) working group
- To define use cases
- To review these use cases, in collaboration with WG13/14
- To make recommendations for a way forward
 Idea:
- Make distinction in generic parts of the model by replacing ‘power’ with ‘utility’
CIM Gas extension: Action
 Question :
- What action can we put on the agenda for WG13/14?

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