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PIVOT Data Management System
PIVOT DMS Features
 Plan your initial DMS deployment
 Configure your environment
 Load libraries and data
 Train your DMS Librarian, DMS
Administrator and DMS Users
 Assist with production roll out
PIVOT DMS Benefits
 Assurance that your environment
is ready to deploy DMS
 Fast adoption by users worldwide
Senior Customer Support Application Engineers configure your DMS environment,
develop plans for future implementation, and transfer the knowledge to your team
 Improved productivity with new
PIVOT Data Management System (DMS) Overview
Mentor’s Data Management System ensures library integrity throughout the component lifecycle. DMS centralizes
library creation, management, distribution and end user functionality. This enables even dispersed authors of library and
component data to collaboratively work on a single library system. Engineers utilize DMS in their native authoring
environment to research parts and reuse blocks based on electrical and commercial aspects, eliminating research and
comparison across multiple views or systems.
All component and library data within DMS can be made available to any user through a browser-based viewer,
expanding a holistic library and component view for electronic parts into the entire organization. The DMS solution is
readily scalable, and our product suite offers solutions for smaller size customers all the way up through full multi-site
global customers.
To aid with the rapid deployment of DMS throughout your environment, Mentor Graphics offers comprehensive DMS
Configuration and standard Training Services (see details next page)
PIVOT DMS can include all elements of the DMS Configuration and DMS Training service. Beginning with a project
assessment, customers will receive deployment and production plans tailored to meet their specific needs. Detailed
elements may include:
Site assessment either on-site or remotely
Configuration of environment, librarian flow manager (LFM) and data models
Data cleansing and loading for component metadata, library data, and documents
Deployment of the completed solution to the user community
Standard training for, Librarians, Administrators and New Users
Single Point of Contact for period of time after engagement
Available DMS Configuration Services
Site Assessment (remote or onsite)
Environment Configuration
Setting OS environment variables
 Settings in DMS configuration files
 Selection of 3rd party software settings (web servers,
email hosts, etc., )
 Set up DxDatabook and other DMS-related
functionality within DxDesigner
Available DMS Training
* Librarian: (For Creation Librarians; 2-3 days)
 In-depth understanding of processes and use cases to add
DMS to an existing Expedition design flow
 Initial Expedition library loading
 DMSL Functionality/Use Cases
 Library Flow Manager (LFM) Expedition Enterprise
(EE) Functionality/Use cases (optional)
Administrator: (2-3 days)
 Focus on configuration and maintenance of the DMS
environment through lecture and lab
 Software installation
 Database connection
 Web-delivered application configuration
 DMS Data Model adjustment (within bounds of simple
data modeling as needed by customer)
 DataFusion configuration and maintenance
 Production library cache management
 Toolbox Configuration
 Full documentation of DMS environment
Librarian Flow Manager (LFM) Configuration
Part Request Manager(PRM) web based part request
configuration (Optional)
Configuring Data Model
Adding simple characteristics in DMS components
 Managing document classes
 Creating commodity taxonomies
 Adjust DMS Desktop UI
Data Cleansing
 Sort and update exported data from legacy system(s)
prior to import into DMS to expedite the process
without time-consuming errors
Data Loading
 Component metadata
 Library Data
 Documents
Data model migration (moving between releases)
Environment documentation
New User (for Schematic Designer Engineers; 1day)
Part selection and schematic instantiation
 DMS Desktop/DMS Browser
 DxDatabook
 Complex part search
 Design packaging
 BOM Management
 Project setup
 Part Request Manager usage (optional)
*Library Manager for DxDesigner to Expedition Flow a
About Mentor Graphics Customer Support
Mentor Graphics offers leading support for EDA tools,
providing rapid, expert response to technical product issues
for the complete suite of Mentor Graphics products.
On SupportNet You Can:
• Troubleshoot technical issues
• Download latest releases
• Reference documentation
To help design teams around the world accelerate product
development and increase quality, Mentor Graphics offers a
smooth transition to product enhancements and new releases,
timely access to technical assistance, an ever-expanding array
of online solutions, and premium support for special situations
• Open & track Service Requests
• Manage licensing
• Suggest, vote and comment on product improvements with
Mentor Ideas
• Learn, & share with other users on Mentor Communities
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