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Learning Objective
To Understand the features of DMS
Learning Steps
Step 3) Evaluate the different needs of DMS in relation to the persons
position at the company
Step 2) Demonstrate your knowledge of DMS different features
Step 1) Identify why Image Reflections would use DMS
Literacy (key Words)
Understand, Evaluate
What is Diary
Management Software?
Advantages and
Practical Question 1
Practical Question 2
Revision Idea(s)
Use the links on the left to find out about
Diary Management Software, practice at
exam style questions and even get some
revision tips for this section!
 In
business, we need Diary management
software to help make sure people’s time is
well planned and not wasted.
 It can be seen as an electronic, software
version of your school planner.
 It is used to keep track of appointments and
events, allows emails to be received, keeps
contact lists organised and allows you to
create reminders.
 It is very useful to the business to allow staff
to plan their time and communicate
effectively. (think about Image Reflections)
Arrange Meetings
To Do and Task Lists
Managing Contacts
 The
image shows how appointments and events
are set up in Outlook.
Appointments can be
made on certain days
and timescales can be
 From
here you can also create reminders, to
make sure meetings are not missed.
 Note: You can also publish a calendar so all
colleagues can see your schedule.
 Using
Diary Management software you can
arrange a meeting easily with a group of
 The time and date can be entered and then
sent to the people that are invited.
 The calendar can then automatically update
as people respond yes or no.
 Agenda’s
can also be attached to these
meetings – keeping all documents in one
 Using
Diary Management software we can list
all the tasks we have to complete
 It keeps track of the progress you have made
( becomes more useful in big projects)
 Allows you to keep an eye on important
 Collect
and send emails via Diary Management
 Can set up Diary Management software to pick
up and send emails from all your accounts,
work and home etc.
E.g. You wouldn’t need to go onto the Internet and
logon to hotmail separately. It could be checked at
the same time as your work email.
(remember that it is not professional to use your
work email as your personal email)
 Put
basically, an electronic address book.
 Contact Lists can be set up with all of the
contact details, such as:
 It
Email Address
Phone Number(s) – mobile, home, work, etc
Full Name
Postal Address
is also possible to add a picture of the
person to the contacts lists and details of
their business and position.
 Contact details can also be shared between
other people.
Staff time can be planned efficiently
Over-reliance on computers: if the
computers fail, there is not a record of
staffs’ schedules
Helps to stop meetings and
appointments clashing
Can be quite tricky to use: staff may
require training
It is possible to synchronise with mobile The software has to be bought and
technology such as a PDA or SmartPhone installed on every PC, which has a cost
Allows managers to easily keep track
workers’ schedules
May lead to lack of face-to-face
Allows teams to easily communicate
Time could be wasted emailing and
planning appointments rather than
getting on with a task.
Image Reflections has received a number of
applications for a new trainee photographer.
Last year, interviewers found that they were unable to
contact applicants with interview dates as quickly as
they would have liked.
 Make a presentation you could make to the course
directors that will help them understand DMS:
Describe two features of Diary Management Software (4)
Explain two advantages to a business of the use of Diary
Management Software
Explain two disadvantages to a business of the use of
Diary Management software
Make a recommendation, with reasons, as to whether or
not the (IR) should use Diary Management software for all
their photographers & office staff(6)
Aim for 30mins
large charity, whose aim is to raise money to
stop cruelty to children, has asked you to
advise them on whether to buy Diary
Management Software for the organisation.
 At the moment fundraisers often find
themselves double-booked on meetings and
communication is a problem.
 However, the organisation is a charity,
therefore spending this money on installing the
software and training staff has to be justified.
Write an A4 leaflet in poster to advertise Diary
Management software to them.
Aim for 10mins
 Your
Outlook email account and your planners
(paper) are both Diary Management Techniques
– one electronic, the other a manual method.
 Try the features of Diary Management software.
 Using the list of advantages and disadvantages
discuss whether you agree or disagree using
your experiences of them.

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