Multilevel analysis towards drought tolerance in Legumes

Multilevel analysis towards drought tolerance in Legumes
Start: 2011 Stop: 2014
One of the most crucial functions of plant cells is their ability to respond to
alterations in their environment. Understanding the connections between
initial responses and the downstream events that constitute successful
adjustment to its fluctuating environment is one of the challenges of plant
biology research. Investigations on transcript level are the most common
studies so far. Besides transcript analyses, new technologies based on mass
spectrometry allow for the comprehensive study on metabolite and protein
level. Past studies have focussed on different stresses such as temperature,
drought or salt using various plants and technologies. All these data have
improved the understanding on the complexity of the plant response
depending on the intensity and duration of homeostatic perturbation.
However, due to the diversity of the research data and experimental
conditions a comparison and integration is difficult or even impossible. Thus
to gain better insights and to be able to visualise the complexity of the plant
respond, integrative analyses combining different technologies and
standardised cultivation conditions are becoming necessary. Legumes are
major sources of vegetable protein and indispensable for sustainable
agriculture due to their ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen via their symbiosis
with soil rhizobia. These bacteria colonize legume roots in specialized
organs called nodules. However, a full understanding of the interactive
regulatory mechanisms between plant and bacteroids towards increased
stress tolerance is not accomplished so far. To contribute to a deeper
understanding of responses of legumes to major constraints, the proposed
project aims at employing comparative systems biology. Supported by
bioinformatic modelling strategies, novel metabolic and proteomic key
mechanisms that may serve as regulatory targets for improving stresstolerance in legumes will be identify.
PI: Dr. Stefanie Wienkoop
Bioinformatic supervision: Dr. Volker Egelhofer
PhD Students:
Christiana Staudinger:
Plant Physiology, Proteomics and Metabolomics
Vlora Mehmeti:
Plant Physiology and Metabolomics
David Lyon:
Proteomics, Metabolomics and Bioinformatics
Guest Scientists
 Erena Gil (Universidad Publica de Navarra):
Proteomics; Medicago and Soybean nodules; drought stress.
 Dr. M.Angeles Castillejo, Universidad de Cordoba (funded by the Spanish
Ministry of Science and Innovation):
Plant Physiology and Proteomics; 15N-metabolic labelling
 Veronica Castañeda (Universidad Publica de Navarra):
Proteomics; Medicago root plasma membranes; drought stress
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Multilevel analysis towards drought tolerance in Legumes
Peer Rev. Journals:
- D. Lyon, M.A. Castillejo, C. Staudinger, W. Weckwerth, S.Wienkoop and V. Egelhofer (2014). Automated protein turnover calculations
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- C. Staudinger, V. Mehmeti, R. Turetschek, D. Lyon, V. Egelhofer and S. Wienkoop (2012).
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Book chapters:
- M.A. Castillejo, C. Staudinger, V. Egelhofer and S. Wienkoop (2014). Medicago truncatula proteomics for systems biology: novel rapid
shotgun LC-MS approach for relative quantification based on Full-Scan Selective Peptide Extraction (Selpex). Chapter 22 In: Plant
Proteomics Methods and Protocols. Ed. J.V. Jorrin Novo, S. Komatsu, W. Weckwerth, S. Wienkoop, : Springer New York.
several publications still in progress!
Multilevel analysis towards drought tolerance in Legumes
Conferences and Posters:
17. – 21.3. Proteomics Formum 2013, Berlin, Germany
a) D. Lyon, M.A. Castillejo, C. Staudinger, V. Mehmeti, V. Egelhofer and S. Wienkoop
Protein turnover calculations from partial metabolic labeling in Planta experiments.
Link Poster 1
b) Staudinger Christiana, Castillejo Maria-Angeles, Mehmeti Vlora, Lyon David, Egelhofer Volker, Wienkoop Stefanie
Combined Label-free Quantification Techniques to Detect Water Deficit Induced Changes in the Medicago truncatula Proteome
Link Poster 2
8. – 13.6. 61st ASMS Conference, Minneapolis, MN, USA
D. Lyon, S. Wienkoop, V. Egelhofer
An automated program for protein turnover calculations from LC/MS shotgun proteomics data resulting from partial metabolic labelling experiments.
4. - 10.08. 7th European Summer School “advanced proteomics”, Kloster Neustift, Brixen, South Tirol, Italy
Staudinger C., Castellejo-Sanchez MA., Lyon D., Egelhofer V. and Wienkoop S.
Suffer and recover: How Medicago truncatula acclimates to water deficit
2. - 6.09. Interdrought-IV, Crown Perth, Western Australia
Staudinger C., Turetschek R., Mehmeti V., Castillejo M., Lyon D. and Wienkoop S.
Legume nitrogen nutrition-related strategies to cope with drought
Link Poster 3
Link Poster 4
Link Poster 5
18.-21.2. ORAL PRESENTATION - VIPCA, Internat. Conf. Plant Growth, Nutrition & Environment Interactions, Vienna, Austria
V. Mehmeti, S. Wienkoop
Molecular Changes in the metabolome of Medicago truncatula Induced by Short Term Salt and Drought Stress.
22.-25.2. VIPCA, Intern. Conf. Plant Abiotoc Stress Tolerance IIC, Vienna, Austria.
C. Staudinger, V. Mehmeti, E. Gil, E.M.Gonzalez, S. Wienkoop
Rhizobial Symbiosis-related Effects on Drought Tolerance in Medicago truncatula.
Link Poster 6
2.-5.09. 10th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference, Munich, Germany
a) Staudinger Christiana, Mehmeti Vlora, Gil Erena, Gonzales Esther and Wienkoop Stefanie
Proteomic characterisation of microsymbtiont-dependent changes in Medicago truncatula roots and shoots.
Link Poster 7
Link Poster 8
b) V. Mehmeti, C. Staudinger and S. Wienkoop

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