Powerful Tools to Navigate Your Trac System

2014 Redrock Software Conference
Tools to Navigate
Your Trac System
Iliana Ramos
Redrock Software
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Learn how to effectively use the Trac
Navigation Bar to:
Use Quick Search Options
Search Students, Visits, etc.
Sort the Log Listing
System Preferences
User Guide & FAQs
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Trac Man Icon
The Trac Man icon will allow users to navigate
anywhere in their Trac product.
Main Menu
Log Listing
Module Managements
Utilities and Prefs
Other Useful Link
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Quick Search Options
Standard Search Options
is the Wildcard
is equal to
is not equal to
is greater than
is greater than or equal to
is less than
is less than or equal to
is a range of values
is used between multiple REQUIRED phrases
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Quick Search Options
Special Date Search Options
This week
This Month
This Semester
Last Week
Last Month
Next Week
Next Month
Other visit field search options
for a specific Reason
for a specific Consultant
for a specific Section
for a specific Center
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Searching the Student Listing
Searching for Students using the Trac
Navigation can be done by entering their:
Any other Student Field
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Other Student Search Options
• Search
– Standard Search Tool
– Used to search by specific Student, Visit, or
Registration information
• Power Search
– Advanced Search options
– Search Multiple fields and values at once, including
ranges of information.
• Utility Search
– Allows search by multiple options for same field
– Can also be used to find duplicate profiles
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Searching for Visits
Searching for Visits using the Trac Navigation
bar can be done by entering:
• Date or date range
• Specific date words (Today, last week, etc.)
• Student ID
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Other Visit Search Options
• Standard Search
– Allows users to search for visits with multiple
criteria at once
– Use the “@” symbol as a wildcard in search fields
– Can still search date ranges
• Power Search
– Can search for custom visit questions
– Can search for multiple situations
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Registration Search Options
Use the Trac Navigation to find Registrations by searching :
• Student Name
• Section
Standard Search:
• Active Registrations
• Section or Course description
• Specific Term or Grade
• Courses from an Instructor
Power Search
• Can search for Registrations based on Student information such as
Major or Custom Fields
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Search for Faculty
Can search by Faculty Full name
Can search by Department
Search by Username
Standard Search:
– Search by email address
– Search by phone number
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Log Listing
Can filter the list of Students shown by two
Sort Students by Name
Sort Students by ID
Sort Students by Center
Sort Students by Subject or Reason
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Utilities and Prefs
• Access to Destructive Utilities
• Different options listed based on Listing accessed
• Allows Administrators with access to adjust settings
that affect entire application
2014 Redrock Software Conference
For additional Support
• User Guide and FAQ:
These options will open another tab or window and direct you to
the Redrock Wiki.
• TutorTrac.com and Request Support:
Will give you the option to fill out a request form.
2014 Redrock Software Conference
The Trac Navigation is a powerful tool. There are many
options when searching for historical records, to allow
you to quickly find the records you need. Take some
time to get to know this function, and it can help you
better utilize your application.
Redrock Software
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Helpful Links
• http://www.tutortrac.com
• http://www.advisortrac.net
• http://wiki.go-redrock.com
• http://wiki.go-redrock.com/wiki/Search_Options

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