Oxford Seminars Day 1

Oxford Seminars
Day 1
Introduction, Culture Shock, & Diverse
Culture Shock
O Jigsaw Reading
O Expert Group 1 – examine N2 & N3
O Expert Group 2 – examine N4 & N5
O Expert Group 3 – examine N6 & N7
O Sharing Teaching Groups
O 1st share the highlights you have learned
O 2nd share a personal culture shock
experience if you have one to share
Mini - presentations
O Shoebox
O Glorified show and tell to get you comfortable
speaking in front of the class.
O ESL Game
O Practice giving instructions for an activity
Unscramble these words…
O dao tyuri
O liv usa
O tike nichest
MI Theory Discussion
O How might teachers use the MI Theory in their teaching?
O Should we focus on developing individual intelligences or
integrate intelligences?
O Should we focus on developing weak intelligences or
build on students’ strengths?
O Should we group students by their different intelligences
or mix them up?
O Is there any point to all this?
ESL Levels
O Beginner
O Intermediate
O Advanced
Discussion – Proficiency
O What reason does Harmer give for sub-dividing the levels
into 7 levels?
O What is the difference between a Beginner and False
Beginner student?
O What is the difference between a Elementary and Pre-
Intermediate student?
O Consider ways to accommodate a class with True Beginners
and False Beginners as well as Elementary students?
Student Motivation
(motivation SS bring into class
from outside)
(motivation created by what
happens in the classroom)
attitude of family, friends,
society to subject
teaching methods of
desire to travel
class activities
get a better job
student perceptions
choose this class over
rapport w/classmates &
Resources, Resources,
O Activities – Drawing Icebreaker, Find
Someone Who, Jigsaw Reading, Pairs,
Personalization, Elicitation
O Culture Shock – Training Manual, Section N
O Effective Teaching – Training Manual, Section C
O MI Theory – Training Manual, Section B
O ESOL Levels – Harmer, pgs 16-19
O Student Motivation – Harmer pg 20
End Notes
O Non-English start – please arrive on time!
O Read for tomorrow…
O Harmer pgs 51-56;
O pgs 102-107;
O pgs 114-122;
O Chap 12 pgs 156-165
O Training Manual pgs 60-70;
O Pgs 222, 228-237
O Pgs 246-253
O Review rubric (Welcome Packet) for pass
O Mini Presentation (Shoebox – tomorrow)

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