2015 Therapy Dogs Inc Presentation (PowerPoint Version)

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Welcome To The Therapy Dogs Inc. Presentation
We hope this will be a helpful tool to
make your visits safe and fun for both
you and your special dog.
As a member of Therapy Dogs Inc., it
is your responsibility to read the
current handbook and be aware of all
changes and updates in order for
Therapy Dogs Inc. insurance to be
effective and to cover you while
All materials in this presentation are copyrighted
and/or registered and may not be reproduced.
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Therapy Dogs Inc.
Mission Statement
It is the purpose of Therapy Dogs
Inc. to provide registration,
support and insurance for
members who volunteer with their
dogs in animal assisted activities.
These activities include, but are
not limited to, visits to hospitals,
special needs centers, schools,
and nursing homes. Our objective
is to form a network of caring
individuals who are willing to share
their special dogs in order to bring
happiness and cheer to people,
young and old alike.
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Jane Hirsch Therapy Dogs Inc. President,
With Will and Ben, Australian Shepherds
Will is a registered therapy dog
Pet Therapy Activities Include:
Teams might visit schools, hospitals, nursing homes, libraries and any facilities
where interaction(s) with dogs would benefit people.
People may pet, brush, or just look at the dog.
With permission, small dogs may be carefully placed on a person’s lap or on the
Some dogs do simple tricks or obedience routines to entertain and to help
people take their minds off their problems.
Walking alongside the dog and owner or throwing toys for fetching games
provide therapeutic contact.
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Therapy dogs provide a therapeutic
benefit to the general public. They
are not eligible for public access
Assistance dogs give direct
assistance to the disabled. They
allow their owners to function
independently and are recognized by
the Americans with Disabilities Act,
which gives them public access
Handlers shall not misrepresent
Therapy Dogs Inc. registered dogs
as assistance dogs unless the animal
assists the handler as defined in the
Americans With Disabilities Act.
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Distinction Of Therapy
Dogs From Assistance
Common Misunderstandings
We are Therapy Dogs Incorporated (not TDI).
Dogs are registered with Therapy Dogs Inc. They are
not certified.
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Therapy Dogs Inc. Handbooks
I don’t understand this Guideline
Can you explain it please?
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Updates and needed adjustments
are made to the Member and T/O
Handbooks so that Therapy Dogs
Inc. will continue to be the best it can
be, meeting the challenges of our
steady growth from year to year.
Adjustments to these handbooks are
made only after consideration on the
impact, safety and benefit to the
organization and its members.
Please take a few moments to review
and understand these changes when
you receive your new Member
Handbook each year.
What Does Therapy Dogs Inc. Insurance Cover?
The policy provides coverage for injury or illness to
other people and property damage that might
occur as a result of therapeutic visitation with your
It does not provide coverage for injury to you or
injury to your dog as a result of participation.
Teams are not covered by Therapy Dogs Inc.
insurance while the handler is at work. Teams are
only covered when they are volunteering.
As a member of Therapy Dogs Inc. it is your
responsibility to read the current handbook and be
aware of all changes and updates in order for
Therapy Dogs Inc. insurance to be effective and to
cover you while visiting.
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Members Must Agree To
Make a minimum of 1 visit every 3
Take their dog to a veterinarian for
annual physical exam including a
fecal exam
Dress appropriately for all visits
including sensible, safe walking
Retire their dogs when they show
signs of physical and or mental
distress during visits
Only use equipment accepted by
Therapy Dogs Inc.
Adhere to all safety rules and
regulations in each facility
Observe all rules of privacy and
confidentiality as required by HIPAA
Follow all Therapy Dogs Inc. rules
and regulations—from the time a
team arrives in the parking lot of a
facility until they leave the
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Requirements For Dogs
Be at least one year of age
Have good manners
Walk nicely by the handler’s side on a loose leash that is 4 feet or shorter in length
Show no aggression to other dogs or to people
Enjoy interacting with people
Be clean and well groomed
Be current on all vaccinations, specifically rabies and any others as advised by
their veterinarian
Wear the official red heart-shaped identification tag when representing Therapy
Dogs Inc. on visits and events
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When Teams
Should Not Visit
If the handler or dog is sick
If the dog has fresh wounds
or recent surgery
If the handler has any
condition which might inhibit
the ability to handle the dog
If a bitch is in season
If a bitch has had puppies
within the last 8 weeks
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Your Dog’s Safety Is Your #1 Priority!!!!
Never put yourself or your dog in a
questionable or threatening
Never force your dog to interact
with a patient or any patient to
interact with your dog. Visits should
be a pleasant experience for you,
your dog, and those we visit.
Never leave your dog alone with
staff, patients, or visitors.
Keep your dog well hydrated. A
folding fabric or plastic bowl for
water is perfect for taking along on
Be alert to signs of stress in your
dog and yourself. Taking a few
weeks off may be well deserved
and make a difference in the quality
of future visits.
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Did You Know. . .
Therapy Dogs Inc. teams are not required
to belong to a local group.
Local group or facility rules must not
conflict with Therapy Dogs Inc. rules.
Teams may not accept monetary
payments—we are all volunteers.
Your visit begins when you reach the
facility parking lot.
You need to use a photo authorization form
when taking photos of patients or residents.
If safe conditions exist, one dog at a time
may be taken off leash when performing
trick demonstrations, or assisting with
physical therapy such as retrieving a ball.
Dogs must be on leash when posing for
photos while on a visit.
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Special Situations Requiring Permission
Obtain appropriate information from the Therapy Dogs Inc. office regarding special permissions.
Examples of situations, but not
limited to:
For the use of special
equipment or devices such as
carts, dog wheelchairs, front
pack dog carriers, etc.
For handling more than one
dog during public events
Therapy Dogs Inc. Presentation 2015 ©
Dogs pulling carts
More Examples Requiring Special Permission
Front Pack Dog Carrier
Handicapped Dog
Therapy Dogs Inc. Presentation 2015 ©
Dogs on a Brace
Some Additional Reminders…
Always keep a watchful eye on
your dog.
Always keep your dog on a 4-foot or
shorter leash and at least a distance of 2
feet from other dogs and animals.
Teams must carry their current Therapy
Dogs Inc. membership cards and have
proof of vaccinations available upon
During all visits dogs must wear the
Therapy Dogs Inc. red heart-shaped tags.
The Therapy Dogs Inc. name, logo or
slogan may not be used without
permission from the Therapy Dogs Inc.
Cell phone use is not allowed during
Therapy Dog Inc. visits.
You may not apply strong scents on
yourself or your dog.
Always clean up after your dog.
Be respectful of patients.
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A Few More Helpful Tips
Always evaluate your dog’s health and
attitude as well as your own prior to
every visit.
Be certain of the areas where you and
your dog are allowed and welcomed.
Stay alert to the surroundings at all
Be aware of pills, food or other items on
the floors and in trash containers. It is a
good practice to never allow your dog to
pick up things from the floor of a facility.
Do not give food, water, or assistance to
any patient or resident even if asked.
Obey all warning signs on room doors.
Always knock first and ask for
permission to enter a room for a visit.
Never leave your dog alone with staff,
patients, or visitors.
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What If An Incident Or Accident Occurs
During A Therapy Dogs Inc. Visit?
Notify the facility supervisor in case of injury.
Fill out all required incident reports even if what
happens seems insignificant.
Immediately notify the Therapy Dogs Inc. office.
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How And When To Renew Your Membership
 Electronic renewals will be sent out 60 days prior to renewal.
 Hard copy renewal notices should be received 30 days prior to your renewal date.
Prepare in advance by having
the required paperwork:
 Proof of a current rabies vaccination
OR proof of titer levels > 0.5 IU within
the last two years are acceptable.
 Have the fecal exam done early
enough to get your results or to get
treatment and retest if it is positive.
 Have the Vet sign the Renewal
Health Verification form attesting
health, rabies and fecal are up to
Therapy Dogs Inc. Presentation 2015 ©
After You Have Received Your Renewal Statement:
By Portal
 Go to www.tdincportal.com and renew online.
 Use your email address as your user name and your
password (if you haven't already changed it) is your
member number with a "p" in front of it.
 Print your renewal. Upload the completed Renewal
Health Verification Form and save.
By Mail
 Renewal dates are January 1 or July 1. This means you
should send your complete renewal package so it arrives
at the office by these dates, not after.
 The Renewal Health Verification Form needs to be signed
and completed by your veterinarian.
 Fees on the renewal form are for all members and dogs
in the same household. If you are dropping a member or
a dog, deduct $10 and note who it is you are not
Therapy Dogs Inc. Presentation 2015 ©
Additional Renewal Notes
 You can make your check payable to Therapy Dogs
Inc. or put your credit card information on the line
provided. Credit card information needs to be filled in
prior to scanning and uploading on the portal if
renewing online. All credit card info is deleted once
renewal is processed. NO ELECTRONIC FUND
 Renewal Health Verification forms may be faxed to 1888-326-0120 or scanned and emailed. We no longer
require copies of proof of rabies or fecal.
 Renewal Health Verification Form must be completed
by your veterinarian and fees must be included when
received by Therapy Dogs Inc. or it will be returned.
Therapy Dogs Inc. Presentation 2015 ©
If you have questions or concerns, please contact the
Therapy Dogs Inc. office.
1-877-843-7364 (Toll Free)
1-307-432-0272 (Fax)
[email protected]
Therapy Dogs Inc. Presentation 2015 ©
Therapy Dogs Inc. Presentation 2015 ©
This presentation is intended to
supplement the current written policies
and regulations in your handbooks.
As a member of Therapy Dogs Inc. it is
your responsibility to read the current
handbook and be aware of all changes
and updates.
Therapy Dogs Inc. Presentation 2015 ©

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