Dog attacks can kill your child

Keeping your child
Safe around dogs
Newspaper headlines
“Never EVER trust a dog with a child: As yet
another baby is mauled to death”
“Baby killed by dog”
"My baby's gone!" Mother's screams afte
“Dog that savaged six-day-old baby to
death 'was brought home from the PUB
as a new pet by her father just a few
months ago”
Family dog seized after baby's death in
“her death has cast a horrible
shadow" over them”
Dog attacks can kill your chil
Blackburn baby girl killed
Dogs that kill are a terrible tragedy – but it’s
humans to blame, not our pets
Toddler killed by family dog was
'smart and vivacious'
Benefits of bringing up a child with a
• Increase children's empathy and
social skills
• Reduction in allergies
• Good exercise
• Children learn about
responsibility and compassion
Why can children worry dogs?
• New noises, smells and objects
• Unknown behaviours; immobile,
wriggly, or wobbly
• Smaller children often at eye
• Grabbing, falling and pulling
What might cause a dog to bite?
• They are protecting themselves
or their property
• They may be in pain
• They may have been surprised
• They may be very excited
Fact: 70% of bites take place in
the family home
See things from the dogs point of
Consider the following situations
1. The child wants to cuddle and
kiss the dog
2. The child wants to take the dog’s
toy away from it so they can play
a game
3. The child goes to comfort the
dog that is hiding under the table
Watch the clip
What did you see?
• What signs are the dog showing?
• How do you think the dog and the
child are feeling?
• Who is responsible in this situation?
Fact: 80% of bites are from dogs
which people see regularly
What should we be encouraging?
• Clear boundaries
• Time out
• Empathy
• When not to approach
• Rewarding good behaviour
Fact: The majority of dog bites
happen to children under ten
Especially around
• Food
• Toys
Why do we think this is?
What are these dogs telling us:
Signs to watch out for?
The right approach
Stay calm
Approach to the side
Allow the dog to smell you
Avoid eye contact
Keep voice low and calm
Be aware of the dogs body
Things to consider when owning or
buying a dog
Natural instinct of breed
Exercise needs
Where to buy a dog from
Getting a puppy vs an older dog
If you already have a dog
What home does Dave need?
You work at the centre and a 3
year old Staffordshire bull
terrier has come in as a stray.
He is friendly and good with
other dogs. What kind of home
would you be looking for?
Some of the most important things
to train:
• Walking calmly on a lead
• Recall
• Handling
• Correct toy play
Top tips
1. Never leave your child alone with a dog
2. If needed speak to a qualified dog
3. Never force a relationship between your
child and dog, just let it grow naturally

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