By: Yuliana Vega and
Jaileen Morales Martínez
Ingl 0080 Section: N06
Dr. Jesús López
Pre-basic English
 1.Came – (1.1),the past tense of come.
 2.Breakfast –(6.1),the meal you have in morning.
 3.Ears –(11.1),one of the two parts of your body that you
hear with.
4.Yard –(1.2),the land around house usually covered
with grass.
5.Farmer –(8.2),someone who owns or manage a farm.
6.Farmyard – (1.2),an area with farm building around
7.Figth – (1.3),to take part in a war or battle.
 8.Hunting – (9.2),the act of chasing animals in order
to catch or kill them.
9.Hurt –(15.1),suffering pain or injury.
10.Evening –(6.2),the end of the day an the early part
of the night.
11.Neck –(13.1),the part of your body that joins your
head to the shoulders and trunk.
12.Still –(20.1),up to particular point in time and
continuing at that moment.
 13.Wanted –(1.2),someone who is wanted is being
looked for by the police/authority.
 14.While – (2.1),used in order to say that although
something is true of one thing it is not true of another.
 15.Thought –(9.1),something that your think of think
about or remember.
Outline of The wolf and the dog
 Title: The wolf and the dog
 Character: The wolf, the dog
 Setting: The farm of the dog living
 Action: The wolf came to the farm where the dog lives
and wanted to eat the chickens, but see a dog on a
chain in the neck and says if you it a lot, so this tell
only twince.
 Resolutions: The wolf decides to leave, as it believes
that despite the good life is not what he wants for his
 One evening, a hungry wolf approached the farm where the
dog lived. I just wanted to eat the chickens he saw, but seeing
the dog was left outside the farm to wait until the dog is
outside. Shortly thereafter, a man came to give food to the dog
and the wolf approached him and asked him if he ate a lot
during the day, to which he replied that only twice a day, and
asks if he is hungry. And the wolf says he is very hungry. After
the dog tells him to come live with him and only has to ensure
the chickens and the farmer feeds him, this is an easy life.
Then the wolf tells the dog that if that was what I had in the
neck, and he says it is only a chain which takes all day. To
which the wolf asks if it hurts and the dog says no. And finally
the wolf said to be an easy life just do not want to be a chain
all day and ran away hungry.
Moral Message
 The moral of the fable is we cannot be carried away by
appearances for these are never what they seem.
Link of the video of
The wolf and the dog
 http://useit.vn/useit/images/stories/flash/Fairy%20Ta

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