The Last Dog

“The Last Dog”
“The Last Dog”
Take two minutes to brainstorm a list of reasons
pets make good companions.
“The Last Dog”
Create the following concept map in your
composition book:
“The Last Dog” Setting
Environment Outside
the Dome
Life Inside the Dome
As we read, fill in the following chart with details
about the story's setting.
“The Last Dog”
How would you describe the setting of the
painting on page 49?
“The Last Dog”
Reread lines 1-16. What does the unusual
technology present in the dome suggest about
the time in which the story takes place?
“The Last Dog”
Compare and contrast the setting outside the
dome with the natural setting where you live.
How familiar does the setting outside the dome
seem to you?
“The Last Dog”
Reread lines 126-137. Notice how Brock reacts
to nature. In what ways has the setting of the
dome influenced Brock's reactions?
“The Last Dog”
What do the details in the painting on page 53
tell you about the setting?
“The Last Dog”
Reread lines 209-220. How is finding a puppy
changing what Brock has always believed about
the outside?
“The Last Dog”
How does the setting inside the dome help Brock
to make his decision about convincing the
scientists Brog has rabies?
“The Last Dog”
How are Brock's questions about the world
outside the dome beginning to be answered?
“The Last Dog”
Using the information from your concept map,
answer the following question: Analyze how the
setting of “The Last Dog” affected the story's plot.
“The Last Dog” After Reading Questions
1. In the first half of the story, how does Brock
know what emotions he is feeling?
2. Why does Brock fool the scientists into
thinking he has rabies?
3. How does meeting Brog change Brock's life?
4. Infer the setting of the story. Give details from
the text that help you infer the time and place.
5. Big question: Why do pets make good
companions? How would Brock answer this

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