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Curious Incident of the
Dog in the Night-Time.
Narrative Voice
Thinking about Narrative
Features of the Novel
Re-read Chapter 2 (the first chapter) of the novel.
 Describe the style of the first person narration.
 What aspects of the narration indicate that the
novel may be offering an atypical voice?
Thinking about Narrative
Features of the Novel
Although Christopher writes without emotion, there is an intended emotional response
within the reader. Re-read the following episodes, then in groups discuss and make notes
on the questions that follow:
Chapter 97
Chapterr 127
Chapter 157
Chapter 191
Chapter 227
Chapter 233
What is your response to Christopher's realisations or experience in each episode?
For each of the episodes, how dces Haddon's writing style evoke this emotional response
in the reader? You might consider:
what detail is included
what Christopher does or does not see andIor understandt
the actions and reactions of others around Christopher
conflict between reader hopes or expectations and what actually happens
the way the information in the episode is revealed - eg: the order of details, sentence length,
word choice, dialogue, events that we already know (because of previous information or
episodes) Christopher will not be able to deal with.
Thinking about Narrative
Features of the Novel
 Choose one or two episodes to which you had a strong emotional
response and write an analysis of your response using the ideas from
activities (a) and (b). Include detailed reference to the novel to justify
your ideas.
 Even though we are offered the world through Christopher's eyes, we
may often see his background world much more clearly than he does.
For example after re-reading Chapter 53, describe the relationship
between Christopher's father and Ms Shears.
Christopher’s View
What the reader
Clues about the
Classmate Steve is less
intelligent than a dog
Christopher attends a
special school.
Christopher has no
concept of tact and
seems unaware of
others’ feelings
Mother died of a heart
attack – this is unusual
(38 years old) – must
have been an
aneurysm. Mrs Shears
cooked dinner
Christopher is insensitive
to father’s feelings. Mrs
Shears is closer to Father
than Christopher realises

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