Powerpoint - Rescue One Dog

More than 8000
Cats and dogs
will be killed today
Pet Overpopulation?
Number of people looking for pets annually
Number of Pets entering shelters annually
Number of pets saved annually
Minimum number of savable pets killed
Number of adoption opportunities lost
More than 30 communities nationwide have achieved better than a 90% live
release rate.
The cost of Killing
Average cost impound killing, disposal
Average revenue generated on killing
Killing = Taxpayer Cost
There is nothing but cost associated with the killing of an animal in a shelter
$66 for impound, $40 to kill and animal.
This is without the immeasurable ethical cost.
The profit of life
Average impound cost
Average cost until adoption
Average revenue generated on adoption
Average community revenue by a pet annually
Adoption = Revenue = Less stress on tax revenue
Not only does the shelter generate revenue by life saving practices, the community
benefits with the added local revenue of over $1000 per pet. The average
expenditure for a dog is $1696 and for cats is $1105
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Colorado can
save more lives.
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