History Of The German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dogs
#10 Mrs. Butzin the main idea is German Shepherd Dogs
By Rileigh King
German shepherds are large with strong bodies. Adult male German
shepherds ,are 24 to26 inches. And 75 to 95 pounds even 100 pounds. Adult
females are 22 to 24 inches and weigh about 66 to 78.
German shepherds have a very thick coat. Its to help them In cold weather
And in the summer they shed very bad . Because of the coat is so warm.
In Germany in the late 1800s a man named Max Von Stephanitz was
interested in sheep herding dogs. Max wanted to breed different kinds of
dogs to make a great sheep herding dog . In 1899 Max bought a German
shepherd and named him Horand . Horand was strong and max decided
to breed more dogs just like Horand . Horand was great at herding sheep.
Horand was the first sheep herding dog .
this is a video about a German shepherd being a police
dog .and the video is 5 minutes.
Giving a dog good care is important no matter what kind of breed it is.
Good care is providing shelter , food, water , and especially lots of love.
German shepherd s have a very thick coat which means you need to
brush them at least once a week. Also the owners must take them for
regular check ups once a year. German shepherds have lots of energy so
you need to walk them or play fetch with them.
All dogs need to be trained to follow certain
commands like sit, stay, heel, down, and come. The
commands keep the dogs to behave. German shepherd
dogs that work in jobs such as police work , guarding
,pet therapy and searching need to be well trained no
matter what.

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