Session Objectives# 19
COULD explain the need for IP addressing of resources on the internet and how this
can be facilitated by the role of DNS servers
SHOULD explain the importance of HTML and its derivatives as a standard for the
creation of web pages
MUST understand what is meant by intellectual property and the legislation to
protect ownership.
Create a network policy to govern the school network usage.
GCSE Computing#BristolMet
Key Words
GCSE Computing#BristolMet
Intellectual Property
TASK: We are going to publish some information on the Internet.
Find and save an image which you are freely able to use and one
which you are not.
What is the name of the legislation which controls the use of
intellectual property?
The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act has 2 main purposes:
a) To reward for the creation of original work
b) To give protection the copyright holder from people trying
to copy or steal their work.
GCSE Computing#BristolMet
The Copyright, Designs & Patents Act
In order to use copyright material, you must do the following:
• Seek permission from the copyright owner
• Comply with any requests made by the owner, usually involving
payment, known as a royalty.
• Not claim that the material is your own and credit the true
• Only use it for the intended purpose when requesting
Can you think of a useful mnenomic to help remember these?
What else could be classed as intellectual property??
Complete the KS3 activity
Now complete KS4 activity and test – what was your score /9?
GCSE Computing#BristolMet
Hyper Text Markup Language was created by a British computer
scientist called Tim Berners Lee in the early 1990’s. It’s
original use to help researchers share and refer to electronic
pieces of information (simple links).
Programmes to read and interpret HTML were written, called web
browsers and programmes to serve them up called web servers.
Although there has been advancements (HTML 5), HTML is the
founding programming language of the Internet.
Using HTML create a webpage of your two images explaining which
image can be used legally and which can’t.
EXT: Include actions you could take to comply with copyright
DISCUSSION: What factors would you need to consider if you made
other content available such as software, games/animation or
video. Create a think/pair/share grid for your ideas.
GCSE Computing#BristolMet
Think Pair Share
GCSE Computing#BristolMet
Going Live
If you wanted to publish your webpage on the internet what
software and services would you need?
TASK: Research, list and explain.
• Domain Name Registration – to register your domain or URL
• ISP/Web Host – provide the web server to hold your webpage
(s) so they can be viewed anywhere in the world.
• FTP Software (File Transfer Protocol) - to up load the
images to the web host
Think of a good domain name for your site and see if it is
registered yet from a service like this
interesting developments
GCSE Computing#BristolMet
DNS Servers
This stands for Domain Name System.
DNS Servers:
• Have a database of IP addresses
• Are constantly updated by other DNS servers
• When a web address is requested the DNS looks up the URL and
returns the IP address, or searches for the addresses from
other DNS servers
How the DNS works
• What are the advantages?
• People do not need to remember IP addresses
• IP addresses are easily upgradeable without the for web
addresses to change
• You can have access to all IP address via DNS servers
GCSE Computing#BristolMet
How the internet works
GCSE Computing#BristolMet

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