Dementia Champions

Introducing – The Advanced
Dementia Champions Pathway to
Mark Gwynne (HCC)
Sharon Davies (HCPA)
On behalf of the Project Group
How did this pathway come about?
 Task group – multi agency HCC, HCPA, NHS, HPfT
 Utilising DoH and SfC funds
 Expected Outcome – Create a pathway of advanced
dementia training in Hertfordshire
 This resulted in an ‘Advanced Dementia Champion
Model’ for people working in care settings
What can an Advanced Dementia
Champion do for you?
 Provides someone with Advanced Dementia
knowledge who can support staff
 Creates a culture of advanced dementia practice
supported by the Manager
 Links to CQC and HCC Inspection/Accreditation
 Meets the common core principles for ‘Supporting
People with Dementia’
The Pathway is Linked to
‘Common Core Principles for Supporting People with Dementia’
This document is:
 A guide to training the social care and health
 Written by Skills for Care, Skills for Health and Dept of
 Recognised by CQC
Network Opportunity
What would YOU include
in the Common Core
Principles? 10 mins
The Common Core Principles for
Supporting People with Dementia
 Principle 1 Know the early signs of dementia.
 Principle 2 Early diagnosis of dementia helps people
receive information, support and treatment at the
earliest possible stage.
 Principle 3 Communicate sensitively to support
meaningful interaction.
 Principle 4 Promote independence and encourage
 Principle 5 Recognise the signs of distress resulting from
confusion and respond by diffusing a person’s anxiety and
supporting their understanding of the events they
 Principle 6 Family members and other carers are valued,
respected and supported just like those they care for and
are helped to gain access to dementia care advice.
 Principle 7 Managers need to take responsibility to ensure
members of their team are trained and well supported to
meet the needs of people with dementia.
 Principle 8 Work as part of a multi-agency team to support
the person with dementia.
The Purpose of these Principles…
 …To enable health and social care settings to become
‘dementia friendly’, with a workforce who are
confident in supporting dementia.
Exclusive PVI Training in Herts
Working in partnership to support PVI
 Our Vision: Dementia Champions in every service
working with people with Dementia
Organisation Certification
 Every person with dementia should have the support
of people who are confident in adapting their
interaction to reduce the stress and anxiety that
dementia can bring.
 It is essential that support is tailored to the person
and their personal interests and specific needs,
encouraging independence and choice in the
decisions they make.

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