Public Health

Public Health in Tibetan Communities in Exile
Dr. Tsering Tsamchoe
Central Council of Tibetan Medicine,
Dharamsala, India
Homage to Medicine Buddha
With Compassion, serves all
the sentient beings,
”O Enlightened One”
Mere hearing your name,
relieves the suffering of all
lowly births,
Healer of the disease of 3
inborn mental poisons,
To the most enlightened
supreme healer,
“The king of Aquamarine
I prostrate before you.
Tibet and Tibetan communities at glance
Tibet; the roof of the world with an average 4,000 meters above sea level.
Land Size - 2.5 million square kilometers
Total National Population: 6 Million
Head of Spiritual leaders: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama; Tenzin Gyatso
Tibet Autonomous region (TAR) which is under PRC since 1959
Tibetans in exile –since year 1959
Central Tibetan Administration : Also called Tibetan government in exile
located at Gangchen Kyishong, Dharamsala, H.P, India
Number of Tibetan refugee living in India – approximately One lac Thirty
Number of Tibetan refugee settlement in India and Nepal – 71
Number of Tibetan schools in India and Nepal - 73
Number of Tibetan Health centers and clinics in India - 105 including Tibetan
Medical branch clinics.
Central Tibetan Administration and Public Health
Health is an important indicator of level of overall (Physical, Mental and
Social)wellbeing of a population.
In the year 1959, when Tibetan exile saga started, Tibetans not only
physically and mentally dislocated, but in sanitary sense, Tibetans undergone
a pitiable health conditions in a foreign geographical set up having entirely
different health implications. Many Tibetans lost their lives due to the
extreme changes of climate, livelihood and sanitary problems.
Central Tibetan Administration (CTA)
CTA was first set up in Dharamsala, India in the late 1959. It has 7
Departments including Department of Health (DOH) which is registered in
the name of Tibetan Voluntary Health Association (TVHA). This
department provide curative and preventative health care services by
managing and financing health care centers, as well as by planning
comprehensive health care system for the Tibetan refugees in India, Nepal
and Bhutan.
Hospitals and Health Care Centers
Tibetan Voluntary Health Association (1981)
Tibetan Delek Hospital (1971)
Men-Tsee-Khang (Tibetan Medical & Astro. Institution)-1961
CHOICE Initiatives
Tibet Charity - 1998
Health clinics in Monasteries
Major Health Issues in Tibetan Community
Flu like Communicable Disease
 Tuberculosis
 Hepatitis
 Cancer
 Drug Abuse
Public Health in Action:
Malaria Prevention and Control Program
TB Reach Project
HIV/AIDS awareness Program
Mental Health Program
Mother and Child Health(MCH)Program
Cancer and Chronic Disease Prevention and Control
Substance Abuse Prevention and Rehabilitation
Reproductive Health Education
Observing Health Related Days
Hepatitis B Prevention and Control Program
Tele Medicine Clinic
Tibetan Medicine and Public Health
Sowa Rigpa; The ancient old Tibetan Medical system equally
plays an effective role in preventing diseases and prolonging
healthy live.
Special Features:
 Encouraging Healthy Diet and life style
 Maintaining health through rejuvenation
 Managing Stress and Depression
 Preventing Epidemics and spread of disease.
 Applying Holistic power for evil and natural disasters
Development needed:
Human Resource
 Health Education and Trainings
 Public Health Library
 Health care centers in remote settlements
 Hospitals with an advanced facilities
Future Project and Your Support
Improving Public Health through TMS
Tele Medicine and Media Specialist
(Estimate budget for three years: 12 Lac Eighty Thousands Indian Rupee = 18,300 Euro)
Health Education and Trainings
(Estimate budget for three years: 18 Lac Fifty Thousands Indian Rupee = 26,500 Euro)
Special Care for Mother and Child health
(Estimate budget for three years: 14 Lac Twenty Thousands Indian Rupee = 20,200 Euro)
Monthly Health Magazine
(Estimate budget for three years: 12 Lac Two Hundred Indian Rupee = 17,500 Euro)
Free Medical Check up and Health Advice Program
(Estimate budget for three years = 16 Lac Forty Thousands Indian Rupee = 20,500 Euro)
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