NYSIIS Consent

• Data file transfer and follow up responsibilities
transition to CDMS team.
• Transfer records for persons 19 years of age
and older (if and only if consent forms are
used and documented in CDMS).
• CDMS team completes file transfer and
follow up activities for all POD
immunizations on behalf of the LHDs.
• For 2011-2012:
– 146 children
– 4,181 adults
Proposed Legislation
NOT Adopted in 2012
• The DOH immunization bill would enhance the effectiveness of the New
York Statewide Immunization Information System (NYSIIS) by:
(1) including colleges, professional schools and technical
schools among the authorized users of NYSIIS for purposes of
verifying student eligibility for admission;
(2) permitting adults to give oral or written consent for their
immunizations to be recorded in NYSIIS;
(3) allowing institutes of higher education, medical research
centers or other institutions conducting public health research
access to de-identified information within the system; and
(4) authorize immunization information to be shared with
immunization registries maintained by Indian nations.
NYSIIS Consent
• Until legislation is changed, NYSIIS will
continue to require NYSIIS consent form for
persons 19 years of age and older.

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