Breastfeeding strategies - Minnesota Department of Health

Welcome and Overview
Webinar objective:
To provide information and resources
for BFHD Steps 9 and 10 to assist local
health departments in increasing capacity
in these areas.
Bonnie Brueshoff, RN, PHN, MSN
Dakota County Public Health
University of Minnesota DNP Student
10 Steps for Breastfeeding Friendly
Health Departments:
Childcare and Worksites
Susan Bishop,
Worksite Wellness Planner
Minnesota Department of Health
[email protected]
Joyce O’Meara, Early Childhood Specialist
Minnesota Department of Health
[email protected]
BFHD Pilot Sites
Ten local health departments representing urban
and rural MN
Anoka County
Carlton County Public Health and Human Services
City of Bloomington Public Health
Dakota County Public Health
Freeborn County
McLeod County Public Health
Mille-Lacs County Community Health
St. Paul - Ramsey County Public Health
Sherburne County
Southwest Health and Human Services – Murray County Public Health & Lyon County
10 Steps for
Friendly Health
Steps 9
and 10
Shared Steps for Worksites and
• Recruiting
– Know your audience
• Training
– Be clear and concise
• Providing resources and support
• Recognition
Step 9:
Select businesses
each year
to provide
worksite lactation
support training
Things to Consider
Know your audience
• Worksite size
• Type of business
• Employee profile
Federal and State work place laws
Start with known connections
Speak the employer’s language
See things through the employer’s eyes
Keep it simple
Five item checklist
Does the worksite lactation support
training describe the benefits of
breastfeeding for the workplace?
Does the worksite lactation support
training provide sample worksite
breastfeeding policies?
Does the worksite lactation support
training include information on furnishing a
lactation room?
Have sample materials for employee
breastfeeding packets been shared?
Is there a plan to identify and honor local
breastfeeding friendly worksites?
Think: STEP
• Support: from supervisors,
colleagues and employer
• Time: leave after birth,
flexible scheduling, lactation
during work time
• Education: for moms and
dads and supervisors about
the benefits of breastfeeding
and the worksite policy
• Place: private space to
express milk
Provide Recognition
Breastfeeding Friendly
Work Place Certificate
_______Health Department
designates _______________
as welcoming to and supportive of
breastfeeding mothers.
Stories from the field
Freeborn County Public Health
Worksites: leveraging existing
Step 10:
Facilitate access to information and
training for local childcare
centers/providers/schools on how
to support a breastfeeding mother
Some considerations:
• Differences between child care settings
• Flipping the process:
Training  Practice  Policy
• Recognition Program
Different sets of steps, including training
Stories from the field:
Sherburne County Public Health
Supporting breastfeeding
in child care programs
How to Begin:
 Recruitment
 Training/Technical Assistance
 Supply local and online resources
Thank you for promoting
and supporting breastfeeding
in your community!
Susan Bishop
[email protected]
Joyce O’Meara
[email protected]

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