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3 phases of Hair
Normal hair growth cycle is approximately 3 months
Anagen – Growth Phase
Scalp growth is 1cm every 28 days. 84% of hair is in the growth
Catagen – Resting Phase
Growth stops and follicular regression begins.
Telogen – Shedding Phase
Hairs are ready to shed 10-15% of hair is in this phase. Out of
100,000 hairs 100 are lost per day.
Hair Growth
• In normal hair growth the process starts over again at Telogen point.
•Every 3-4 months a new hair protrudes out of the root into the follicle
pushing the old hair out of place.
•This produces Shedding; Normally 100 – 150 hairs per day.
• Those experiencing hair loss, the follicle falls into Telogenic dormant
phase. It is degenerated and weakened.
• The follicle is miniaturized and produces only short fine hair called Vellus.
• Some dormant follicles produce no hair at all and remain dormant for up
to 3 years.
Types of
Hair Loss
 Scarring Hair loss
 Non-Scarring Hair Loss
 Often Bi Phasic
 Cicatrical Alopecia
 Permanent loss of
 Reversible in early
 Not Usually reversible
 Not reversible
•Begins in Puberty due to Androgens
•20% - 50% of men by the age of 50.
•Begin in 20s to early 40s
•After age 65 nearly 75% women will show signs of
hair loss.
50% of Men by age 50
75 % of Women by age 65
Testosterone and
• Testosterone is an androgenic hormone Balding hair
has some relation to a testosterone derivative called
• The main cause of hair loss is a high amount of DHT
within the hair follicle. DHT is produced from
testosterone in the prostate and various other adrenal
glands and in the scalp.
• In the long run, a high amount of DHT causes the hair
follicles to shorten the active life span of hair.
• The amount of sebum present in scalp is another
important factor that affects baldness. *Emergence
can help support your ShapeLight Treatments
• Sebum contains a high amount of DHT and also clogs
the pores in scalp.
• DHT is produced in everyone's body, but only some
people suffer from hair loss. This DHT factor is
inherited through the genes
More on DHT
• Converted from testosterone by 5-AReductase
• Hair follicle weakening occurs from the
action of DHT in the scalp’s vascular network.
• DHT disrupts the cell binding of essential
proteins and nutrients to be carried to the
• In time, the lack of transported proteins and
nutrients leads to hair structure weakening.
• In women, androgens such as DHEA
progesterone and estrogen play a major role.
The Solution
• ShapeLight Hair Rejuvenation Therapy involves non-invasive,
relaxing weekly treatments with Low Laser Light Therapy, aka,
• Why Does LLLT Work?
It is photo-stimulation that gives off nourishing laser light that
modulates the hair follicle.
• 650 NM is optimum for penetration depth of light for tissue
• Giving it the energy it needs to produce ATP for bio-cellular
has been DEMONSTRATED to increase blood flow
and circulation in the scalp.
 This increase in blood flow is CRUCIAL to promoting a
healthy hair follicle
 Brings IMPORTANT nutrients into the follicle while taking
away harmful waste products such as DHT.
 This increase in ATP increases cellular metabolism, and
cellular activity.
The hair follicle now has the building blocks
and energy to transform
From a weakened follicle to a healthy one,
capable of producing a beautiful, thick ,
healthy hair.
The enhanced environment then in turn
invigorates the hair follicle producing
healthier hair, preventing further hair
thinning and hair loss, and stimulate hair
 All living things, plants and
animals require a continual
supply of energy in order to
 This energy is used for all of the
processes which keep the
organism alive.
and Hair Growth
Scientific studies performed show that increases in adenosine triphosphate, or
ATP, causes the individual cells to increase their activity.
ATP is integral to the function of the cell as an “energy transporter”
LLLT laser light energy can be collected in the mitochondria of the cell which
then transfers this energy to produce ATP.
This process is similar to photosynthesis which causes growth in plants.
Specific wavelengths of certain lasers show increased activity in cell and
bacterial cultures, probably the result of ATP production.
This helps with the stimulation of hair growth
• The
use of Photo Therapy (light therapy) in medicine
has a long history.
• The Egyptians filtered sunlight through precious
gems to obtain desired colors of light.
• The Greeks built solarium cities in high mountains to
harness the additional ultra-violet light available there
for healing tuberculosis.
Nobel Prize
• In 1903, the second Nobel Prize in Medicine (Physiology) was awarded
to Niels Ryberg Finsen, M.D., in recognition of his contribution to the
treatment of diseases with concentrated light energy, “PhotoTherapy”.
Dr. Finsen was recognized for opening a whole new avenue for medical
• It was this Nobel Prize winner’s important discovery in the field of
PhotoTherapy that laid the foundation for the invention of the LOW
LEVEL LASER for the treatment of hair loss.
• Today’s PhotoTherapy devices are used to treat everyone from
newborn infants suffering from jaundice to adults seeking relief from skin
The ShapeLight
 130 Laser Beams generate a columnated, coherent
visible light in the red spectrum.
 Laser Light the Red Spectrum with the proper power
outout has been CLINICALLY PROVEN to be beneficial
for cutaneous medicine.
 650 Nano Meter 5 MW Diodes offering deep tissue
penetration with wide spectrum true laser light
 Specifically designed in a circular direct path to hair
 Increases blood flow and circulation in the subcutaneous
vascular network in the scalp.
 Invigorates hair follicle and produces thicker, fuller,
healthier hair.
 20 minute treatment produces 6 joules of
FDA approved
light therapy that’s proven to regenerate hair growth.
ShapeLight is True Laser
Diode Therapy
 True
coherent laser light offers the action of the
laser speckle.
 Speckle is more pronounced in long-coherence
length laser and provides a rapidly alternating
pattern of varying energy density with a spatial
dimension of approximately 1 micron.
 This dimension is on the same order
of magnitude
as the size of the mitochondria inside the cell.
Clinical DATA
Male Results
 100.0% Stabilization of hair
loss in frontal and vertex
 94.6% Increased hair re-
growth in frontal area.
 88.2% Increase in hair re-
growth in vertex area.
Clinical DATA
Female Results
87.5% Stabilization of hairloss in
Frontal and Vertex area.
100.0% Stabilization of hairloss in
Vertex area.
75.6% Increase in hair re-growth in
Frontal area.
96.4% Increase in hair re-growth in
Vertex area.
Proven Studies
Mechanisms of Laser Induced Hair re-growth. (Michael
R. Hamblin, Harvard Medical School)
Mechanisms of Low Level Light Laser Therapy (Michael
R. Hamblin, Harvard Medical School)
The Unanticipated results of Low Level Light Therapy
on Hair Regeneration ( Glenn M. Charles D.O. –
Physician researcher for Hair Solutions of New York.
Get the
BEST results
The most effective non-surgical treatment for baldness is LLLT
treatment and bio-active clean supplements that prevent the
creation of DHT.
Inadequate nutrition also causes baldness.
The amount of DHT can be kept low by eating clean protein & an
iron-rich diet.
Intake of a sufficient amount of raw vegetables, fresh fruits and
salads can reduce the chances of hair loss.
Leafy vegetables should also be included in the diet.
Other causes of baldness are stress, worry, anxiety, and sudden
Mental stress can affect the normal functioning of the skin of the
scalp and stall the supply of essential nutrition for the growth of
Before & After
3 Months
Before & After
3 Months
Before & After
3 Months
Before & After
3 Months
Solution Packages
The Total Solution:
• One Year of Shapelight Treatments - $4000
• Organic Life Bio-Active Liquid Vitamin 30 days - $33.95
• ph Ion Superfood Capsules 30 days - $41.00
• Emergence 90 day Kit - $209.95
Total: $4284.90
Special introductory offer
- $4000 - $1100 off – Only $2900
- $284.90 - 20% off home care – Only $227
PLUS, 15% your ShapeLight support supplements for one year.
Only $3127.00

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