Paper 3 Info and Practice

Mexican-American War
EA Paper 3: Aspects of History of the
35% of total HOA grade
2 hours 30 minutes
3 essays
24 possible topics
As specific and detailed as possible!!!
Outline is key!
Possible topics: pgs. 15-20
EA Paper 3 Practice
• Analyze the social, political, and economic
causes of the Mexican-American War.
EA Paper 3 Practice
• Examine the effects of the Mexican-American
war on the region.
EA 3 Content Review & Practice
• In a pair, you will be randomly assigned a practice
paper 3 prompt, all from year 1 content.
• Together, you will plan and lead a review over
that topic.
• Ultimately, you will not only review the topic, but
create an outline with the class that could be
used to answer your EA3 prompt.
EA 3 Content Review & Practice
Ayham & Sophia
Calli & Coleman
Katja & Andres
Cezanne & Liam
Bridgette & Sarah
Courtney & Joey
Afrooz & Kim
Rachel & Matt
Cassie & Nate
Hannah & Genevieve
Lauren & Hunter
How important was the Durham Report
(1839) in the struggle by Canadians to
achieve responsible government?
How significant were the 1837 rebellions for
the political development of Canada?
This is NOT a question on the causes of the rebellions of the Canadas,
but you should situate the Durham Report & change of government in
the context of these rebellions
Durham Report
– Appointment of executive branch, support for bills, 5 year elections
• Unite Upper and Lower Canada into one province
– If they were combined, the French-Canadian people would have to
adopt British ways (problem was Lower Canada = assimilation)
• Separate British affairs from local Canadian affairs
– Allow Canadians to run local affairs, and Britain would continue to
control colony’s constitution
• Grant Responsible Government
– Executive Council members should be chosen from the party that had the most seats in the
Assembly. Gave the assembly more power than before and limited the power of the governor
and Executive council.
• Durham’s conception of “responsible government” was founded on a
relatively biased attitude towards the French Canadians

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