English 10 Honors Day 28

English 10 Honors
Day 28
Objective: To effectively use the SIFT strategy to understand author’s message
Look over your notes for “My Mother Pieced Quilts.”
Fill in the SIFT chart on page 56.
Note that the textual detail column should be quotes
and details from the text while the analysis or
interpretation column should be the effect of each
element and/or significance or what the elements
shows the audience.
Everyday Use
As we read “Everyday Use” on pages 58-65,
answer the Key Ideas and Details questions.
After reading, complete the SIFT chart on
page 66.
 Tear out each of your SIFT charts. Compare and contrast the ideas on them.
 Then, create a diagram that answers the following questions:
 What does the quilt in each story represent?
 How does each quilt convey the family’s heritage?
 In the margins of your diagram, create a claim or thesis about the stories that
could potentially be used in your essay for EA 2. (To what extent does culture
influence one’s view of the world and others?)
 Your essay for EA 2 will be an argument, which includes claims and counter
claims. Write a counter claim in response to the claim you just wrote.
Complete an organizer for each of the texts we read in
preparation for EA 2.

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