The Benefit of Offering an EA Course

The Enrolled Agent:
America’s Tax Expert
Enrolled agents (EAs) are America's Tax
Experts. EAs are the only federally licensed
tax practitioners who specialize in taxation
and also have unlimited rights to represent
taxpayers before the IRS.
• Unlike attorneys and CPAs, who may or
may not choose to specialize in taxes, all
Enrolled Agents specialize in taxation.
• Enrolled Agents are the only taxpayer
representatives who receive their right to
practice from the U.S. government (CPAs
and attorneys are licensed by the states).
• Enrolled Agents are required to pass a
comprehensive, three-part exam on tax
code (or have equivalent work experience
with the IRS).
• No degree is required for Enrolled Agents
• Enrolled Agents are required to complete
72 hours of continuing education,
reported every three years. This ensures
that their knowledge remains current.
IRS Examinations are up over 100% - According to
enforcement results published by the IRS,
examinations of individual returns increased over
100% since year 2000.
Growing need for representation - Given the state
of our economy, many people now find themselves
in a difficult position financially, and many are
delinquent on their tax obligations.
Recession proof career - Income taxes are not going
away anytime soon, and competent representation is
hard to find.
Year-round profession (contrary to popular belief)
Competitive Salary
• While the Special Enrollment Exam is tough,
the Enrolled Agent License does not require
any degrees, apprenticeship, or road-blocks.
• EAs can seek employment from existing firms,
or start their own practice.
• A self-employed EA has more freedom over
fees, hours, and choice of clients.
• Offer a SEE prep course as a noncredit course
• Provide a local EA to present early in the
semester on the EA career path.
• Offer support by local EAs for job fairs at the
school to further promote the EA career.
• Will involve local EAs with your student
community, allowing them valuable networking
• Connect them with current practitioners who
can answer specific questions about a career and
• Provide a method of enticing students to other
classes at the school (some internship offers
may require that the intern has taken a
bookkeeping or tax course).
We hope that you have enjoyed this
presentation. We look forward to working
with you in offering a tax curriculum to
support an Enrolled Agent career.

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