WOMEN`S RIGHTS middle east Ben Gertz

By Ben Gertz
Overall rights
Most women in the Middle East and North Africa are
mistreated or denied most basic rights
They are cruelly punished for minor actions that are
normal for most western influenced countries
Some are even punished for talking to men who are not
In most Middle Eastern countries women are not allowed
to vote, show skin, and be in public without a male
relative’s escort
Some women cannot even go to trial if they are raped
Afghanistan under
Taliban rule
Under Taliban rule women were stripped of all basic human
They could not show skin in public. They were forced to wear
head-to-toe coverings called burqas with small mesh parts to
see through
In some cases women are beaten just for flashing an ankle on
Also, women were not allowed to work, go to school, or go to
Health care is non-existent for women. If they got sick with bad
diseases they would probably die
Afghanistan under
Taliban rule
If a man dies, a woman might die of starvation because
she can’t go into public without a male relative
Men can beat and kill their spouses without punishment
In 2001 when America invaded Afghanistan they took
the Taliban out of power
People think that when
America leaves Afghanistan the
Taliban will take power again
Afghanistan Now
Afghanistan voted Hamid Karzai to be their president
The new government under Karzai is much better to
woman then the Taliban was, but life is still bad
If a woman lives in the rural areas of Afghanistan
they still have to follow most of the laws imposed by
the Taliban because they still have a large influence
Shariah Law
This is the law that most Arab countries use to
govern themselves
This is a very strict set of laws that run on the rules
set by the Qur’an, the religious book of Islam
It sets most of the restrictions for women like
wearing jewelry and making noise while walking
It was invented by Muslim scholars in the second
Under complete Shariah law it makes everyone act
like a perfect Muslim
Syria has a very poor human rights record
Its arrested rights activists, censored websites, and
imposed many travel bans
It has run under emergency rule since 1963. This allows the
police to arrest people without a warrant, thus allowing
them to keep the political antagonists from starting a
revolution and getting women and men rights
The government is very terrible to women and men alike
Libyan women are treated like 2nd class citizens
In Libya they have places for women if they were abused or
raped in anyway called “social rehabilitation centers”
Women who have been there say it is terrible and you might as
well call it jail
People who go there may have already finished their sentences
at jails but are held for longer
There is no way out without a male family member picking you
In some cases men can come in and take a random women to
marry then the woman may leave
Some women are forced to have invasive virginity
tests upon entry
The women have very restricted movement in their
small cells
One woman was raped and knew her brother would
kill her so she went to one of the centers, they kept
her there for a very long time and treated her badly
There is no education in these “jails” just weekly
religious instruction
Women in Egypt
Women have had very
bad lives in Egypt, but
as the Mubarak
regime went down
they have gotten
more respect there
was even a women
chanting out against
Women wearing Egyptian flags
Beating Hosni Mubarak the old
dictator of Egypt
Different kinds
of Islamic dress
In this picture it shows the
different kinds of coverings
for Muslim women ranging
from the Burqa being for very
radical governments to the
Hijab for more reformed
Bibi Aisha
Bibi Aisha
Bibi Aisha is an Afghani women who got her nose and ears cut off
by her husband
She was abused by her family and she ran away from it
Since she lived in a remote region of Afghanistan the Taliban was
still partially in power there
When her family found her the Taliban commander wanted to set
an example for other women so he had Bibi’s husband cut her nose
and ears off and leave her to die
She woke up and made it to a women’s center where Time
Magazine found her and made her famous
In the picture on the right it shows her with her new fake nose
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