Dr Karen Shoop
Lecturer in Digital Media
Final Year Projects
[email protected]
• BA in Fine Art & BA in Human Sciences & PhD in
Electronic Engineering
• Work with Queen Mary ‘creative computing’
students: undergraduate, masters and PhD
– I on the academic team for our EECS MAT – Media &
Arts Technology – Centre for Doctoral Training (£3m
for PhD students)
– I am in the Cognitive Science Group at EECS
• JP: EBU6610, Information Systems Management
– e-commerce 4th year module
Typical Themes this Year
• Visualisation
– Important research challenge – how do we represent
a large volume of data (big data), e.g. social media
– Information Management /Semantic Technologies:
Avoiding lists to support user experience (shopping,
museums, galleries, social network timelines…)
• “Games”
– Gamification – game like elements to engage people
in non-game scenarios
– Game Theory – strategies for decision making (NOT
games!) – computer science/economics
– Games…adding real-world data, investigating
e-commerce/multimedia students
phone apps/software
2013 projects
• Phone app to improve user
experience at a theme park
• Visual diary
• App for children going to an
art gallery
• Drawing app for people who
“cannot” draw
• “Slow technology” for
2014 projects
• Gamification for museum
• Map app for users with
memory impairment
• User-adaptable game
• Android/Arduino drawing
bot (hardware & software)
• Visualisation *2
• Gamification to support
student timetabling
My project students
• Confident/happy programmers
• Students aiming for e.g.
– CSC for the QMUL MAT Centre for Doctoral Training
• Need a proven interest in ‘creative’ technology (music,
multimedia, design)
MAT (media and arts technology)MSc
Information management MSc
Web technology MSc
Computer science MSc

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