RPI IEEE Student Branch 2/7/13
RPI – IEEE | RPI Branch of the IEEE
 Introduction to the 2013 Executive Board
 What is IEEE
 Announcements
 Ice Breaker
 Career Fair Prep
 External Announcements
What is IEEE?
 IEEE is the world’s largest professional association
dedicated to advancing technological innovation and
excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its
members inspire a global community through IEEE's
highly cited publications, conferences, technology
standards, and professional and educational activities.
Why become an IEEE member?
 World’s largest professional
Discounted software
IEEE Scholarship
Huge database for Job
postings and research
Monthly IEEE Spectrum
Blackstone Group Info Session
February 13,
7pm LOW 3051
IEEE Resume Book
 E-mail your resume in pdf with the file name:
“lastname_firstname_yearofgraduation” to Calvin by
Sunday, February 10 at [email protected]
 Book will be sent out to employers at the upcoming
Career Fair
 Companies such as Oracle have already asked.
• Only $20
• If interested you can order:
Job Postings
 Deloitte National Leadership Conference and
Mentorship Program. For students graduating in 2015.
 Multi-session summer program that helps build leadership skills.
Resumes due 2/21/13
 Barclays Technology Summer Analyst
 www.barclays.com/seeyourself
 Checkout more job postings on our website
Explore Engineering Day
 Feb 16, 7am-5pm
 Seeking 200 student volunteers to welcome 450 3rd-6th
grade children and parents to learn about
 Free t-shirt, breakfast and lunch included.
 If interested see an officer after the meeting
 Check out the always updating RPI IEEE website at:
 Coming Soon:
 Job Postings
 Scholarships
 Backwork
Ice Breaker
Career Fair Prep
 Research the companies and their job postings
Go to Info Sessions, Tech Talks, Tables
• Blackstone Group: Feb 13, 8pm Low 3051!!!!!!
Events Tab on JobLink:
Career Fair: Wednesday Feb. 13
 Get there early when recruiters are fresh and awake
 Spend a few minutes looking over the career fair map
 Avoid 1-2pm because it is lunch time for recruiters
 Be prepared for long lines, especially at GE, Boeing,
J&J, P&G, Cisco.
Being quizzed during the fair
 Draw a MOSFET
 Difference between a flipflop and a latch
Post Career Fair
 Send e-mails to the recruiters
 Create company job profiles
Interview Time
 GLASSDOOR is your friend
 Don’t forget the thank you e-mail
If you would like to get involved with the IEEE e-board
speak to one of the officers after the meeting.
Our meetings are open to anyone, Tuesdays at 5 pm.
We hope you come back to our next meeting

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