The Subnivean Environment

Marcelo Vommaro
Under the snow pack
The snow creates
an insulating blanket
which keep heat
from the earth in.
By having this
blanket of snow
animals and plants
can live in the snow.
Animals under the snow?
The most noticeable animals that live
under the snow pack are voles, mice,
squirrels, and grouse.
 They use the snow as shelter from the
cold as well as shelter from predators.
 Voles and mice dig vents for air in the
snowpack. It is dark in the tunnels but
just enough light goes threw to make it
comfortable to live.
Subnivean environment
Small mammals
living under the
snowpack are still in
Shrews and ermine
take advantage of
there size and
pursue voles into
the snowpack.
Subnivean Part 2
Red Squirrels hide some of there food in
the snow.
 Red squirrels go under the snow pack to
escape the cold temperatures.
 The grouse dig a hole and stay in it only
coming out to eat tree buds
Subnivean water animals
Fish have the roughest time surviving.
Many fish die due to lost of oxygen.
 Fish have to completely change there
way of living because of the low oxygen
and low amount of food.
Subnivean plants
Some plants tend to grow and flourish
under the snowpacks.
 The plants have an excellent source of
water and enough photosynthesis to
live. Making them ideal food for small
mammals traveling threw the snow
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