Conferring - epasdcomprehensiveliteracy

Matthew Strine, Principal
East Pennsboro Elementary School
October 11, 2010
How can conferring with individual students
strengthen your literacy block?
Confer is a verb meaning to consult together,
compare opinions, or carry on a conversation. It is
1. What does it mean to understand? As readers, what
does understanding look like?
2. What does it mean to remember? As readers, what
might remembering look like?
3. What does it mean to extend thinking? As readers,
what might extending meaning look like?
4. What does it mean when something is memorable?
As readers, what does memorable look like?
To uncover a reader’s attitudes – What students think of
reading and themselves as readers.
 To discover a reader’s stamina and work ethic – How
students manage their reading lives.
 To explore a reader’s process – How students go about
composing as readers.
 To record a reader’s diet – What students choose to
read and why.
 To form a relationship of intimacy and rigor – How
students are interacting with text.
 To gather data for assessment and evaluation – How
students describe what they know and are able to do.
Break into triads.
Create a plan or model for incorporating reading
conferences into your literacy block.
How will you, or how do you:
 Uncover a reader’s attitudes?
 Discover a reader’s stamina and work ethic?
 Explore a reader’s process?
 Record a reader’s diet?
 Form a relationship of intimacy and rigor?
 Gather data for assessment and evaluation?
Report Out.
R: Review, Read Aloud, Record
The R section of a conference gives both the reader and
the teacher a chance to focus their conversation.
It is almost like think time we give students after we ask a
The R gives a chance to build some common language or
thinking so that we can move into the conference and
formulate a plan.
I: Instruction, Insights, Intrigue
During the I component of the conference, record any
learning that arises.
The I component takes the most time.
Together, talk about book choice, vocabulary,
comprehension, text elements, and so on.
These discussions will lead to the most documentable
P: Plan, Progress, Purpose
The P section of the conference is the guarantee that
readers will be accountable between now and the next
time we confer.
One of the most critical aspects of the reading conference.
When a student leaves a conference, they have
something in mind that may help them to remember,
understand, extend meaning, or make the reading
experience memorable.
RIP is a simple structure forming part of the mortar that
holds the keystone in place.
How can conferring with individual students
strengthen your literacy block?

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