ODJFS Veterans Program Overview

ODJFS Veterans
Program Overview
Goals of Today’s Briefing
 Provide
a general overview of the Vet Program
in Ohio
 Highlight
some best practices on programs we
have implemented
 Discuss
the concept of “Priority of Service”
and what DOL programs are affected
State Workforce Agency
Governor Kasich
ODJFS Director
Michael Colber
Assistant Director
Assistant Director
Deputy Director
Local Ops
Assistant Director
Deputy Director
Workforce Dev
Veteran Services Unit (VSU)
Pamela Mason
Director, SVP
Vet Program Manager
Vet Program Manager
Vet Program Manager
Role of State Veterans’ Program
Interpret Veteran Program laws and
regulations provided by DOL/VETS
Provide policies and procedures to allow for
effective and efficient implementation of
Job for Veterans Act (JVA)
Apply annually for JVA grant
Role of Operations
Implement the JVA grant using policies and
procedures provided by SVP
Report any problems up the chain
Serve veterans!
Purpose of SVP staff
Vet staff provide employment and training
services to all veterans that Title 38 chap 42
indicates are eligible for their services.
Their efforts are concentrated, according to
their respective roles and responsibilities
according to Title 38 and DOL VPL 07-10.
Vet Staff are dedicated to
Veteran Programs
Serving Warriors At Transition (SWAT)
Successful TRansition of Incarcerated Veterans to
Employment (being re-evaluated)
VET-90 aka Chapter 31, VR&E, Voc Rehab
REALifelines (Recovery and Employment
Assistance Lifelines)
Military Injury Relief Fund (MIRF)
Military Injury Relief Fund
Military Injury Relief Fund
ORC Section 5101.98 (B)
Grant money for service members injured while in
active service…while serving under Operation
Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom
and to individuals diagnosed with Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder while serving, or after having
served, in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation
Enduring Freedom
* Injuries must have been incurred in the line of duty while the service member was
receiving hazardous duty, combat, or hostile fire pay.
Military Injury Relief Fund
Key Points
“An individual who receives a grant under
this section is precluded from receiving
additional grants under this section during
the same state fiscal year….”
May apply once each state fiscal year
– (July 1 – Jun 30)
Military Injury Relief Fund
Key Points (cont)
Grant amount is non-taxable
Military Injury Relief Fund
Funds can be raised in two ways:
 Ohio Tax Return
– Line 27
» “Amount of line 25 that you wish to donate to the
Military Injury Relief Fund.”
Direct donation by check to MIRF, in care
Application Requirements
Must be a resident of Ohio at the time of
– Proof must be submitted with application
– Includes those still on active duty who have
maintained their residency
To Apply
Go to their County Veterans Service Office
to apply
Ohio Department of Job and Family
Services, State Veterans’
Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and
Corrections (ODRC), Office of Policy and
Offender Reentry
An incarcerated veteran attends a video
conference with the State Central Point of
Contact (SCPC) for evaluation
Incarcerated veteran is linked with a
Veteran Intensive Service Coordinator in
his/her county for employment services
before release
Intensive Services
Career Guidance/Labor Market Information
Job Development
Internal/External service referrals
VET 90
Chapter 31
Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA),
Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation and
Education (VR&E)
Ohio Department of Job and Family
Services (ODJFS), State Veterans’ Program
VET 90
Chapter 31
Disabled Veterans are referred from VR&E
to SVP for Employment Services
– After training
– 90 Days before college graduation
– OR for Stop-Gap (financially necessary)
employment while in training or school
VET 90
Chapter 31
Referred veteran assigned a Veteran
Intensive Service Coordinator to provide
Intensive Services:
Career Guidance/Labor Market Information
Job Development
Internal/External Service Referrals
VET 90
Chapter 31
State Central Point of Contact (SCPC)
enters referred veterans into VET90
database and monitors progress and
Quarterly reports on referrals/employment
to Department of Labor, Veterans
Employment and Training (DOL/VETS)
Priority of Service
For Covered Persons
Priority of Service for veterans has now been
written into 20 CFR Part 1010.
A Covered Person is an honorably discharged
veteran or an eligible spouse.
Eligible spouse is a spouse of any veteran who:
Died of a service connected disability.
Missing in Action, Captured by a hostile force,
Detained by a foreign power, Totally disabled
from a service-connected disability, Died while a
disability was in existence.
Qualified Job Training Program
Any workforce preparation, development, or
delivery program or service that is directly
funded in whole or in part by the
Department of Labor.
Special Disabled Veterans
A disability rated at 30 percent or more or rated at
10 or 20 percent in the case of a veteran who has
been determined to have a serious handicap; or
A person who was discharged or released from
active duty because of a service connected
Disabled Veterans
A veteran who is entitled to compensation
(or who but for the receipt of military
retired pay would be entitled to
compensation) under laws administered by
the Secretary or a person who was
discharged or released from active duty
because of a service connected disability.
Recently Separated Veteran
Any veteran during the three-year period
beginning on the date of such veterans
discharge or release from active duty.
Veteran of the Vietnam Era
An “eligible veteran” any part of whose
active military, naval, or air service was
during the Vietnam Era.
Eligible Veteran
Served on active duty for a period of more
than 180 days and was discharged (or)
released therefrom with other than a
dishonorable discharge;
B. Was discharged or released from active
duty because of a service connected
disability; or
Eligible Veteran
As a member of a reserve component under an
order to active duty, served on active duty during a
period of war or in a campaign or expedition for
which a campaign badge is authorized and was
discharged or released from such duty with other
than a dishonorable discharge.
Veterans Priority In The One-Stop
Should Apply to :
Outreach activities
Intake and Registration
Client Flow
The Role(s) of Staff
Job Order Notification and Referral
Client Flow
Provide brief assessment at the One-Stop
entry point.
Expedite veteran customers to staff or if
determined significant barriers exist send to
Staff Responsibility
Veteran services are the responsibility of all.
Veteran customers (although entitled to
priority of service) are core customers.
A need for education in the roles of each
partner’s staff and program services.
Job Order Notification and Referral
Job Seekers who are veterans receive
priority in OMJ/SCOTI match pools.
SCOTI is designed to provide priority in
referral notification by listing veterans in
priority order.
Prioritized Match Pools
Special Disabled Veterans
Campaign Badge Veterans
Disabled Veterans
Other Veterans
Eligible Person
Prioritized Match Pools
Within Each Category those in the match
pool will be listed by:
UI Claimant Status
Date of Least Recent Referral
Numerical Order by SSN
They’ve Earned It !
Thank You!
Contact Info:
William Johnson
(937) 235-4867
[email protected]

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