*The Man to Send Rain Clouds* by Leslie Marmon Silko

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Define “Myth”.
“The Man to Send Rain Clouds”
by Leslie Marmon Silko
Mesa – elevated land mass with a flat
Arroyo – a dry creek
Angelus – bell rung as a call to recite a
particular devotional prayer
Cloister – a covered walk in a convent
Last Rites – last prayers given to the
dying before being laid to rest
Cassock – Priest’s
Big City?
Village (peublo)?
Suburban neighborhood?
Modern day?
Leon and Ken – brothers-in-law
Teofilo – deceased grandfather
Father Paul – local Catholic priest
Louise and Teresa – wives of Leon and Ken
Theme - Conflict
Theme – traditions in culture and how they adapt to
necessary transitions (changes)
• Compromise
Conflict – culture and tradition vs. outside influences
• Man vs. Society – Native American tradition and
• Man vs. Man – Ken and Leon and Father Paul
• Man vs. Self – Ken and Leon finding a way to mix both
traditions. Father Paul reluctantly allowing his beliefs
to mix with Native American tradition.
Native American rituals and traditions
• Tied a gray feather in his hair.
• Painted the face.
• Pinch or corn meal and pollen thrown in the
• Request to send rain clouds.
• Wrapped in a blanket.
• Dressed him in new clothes.
• Visits from clan people and neighbors – brought
food for the gravediggers.
Catholic rituals
• Louise suggesting Father Paul sprinkling holy
water so he won’t be thirsty.
• Bringing Last Rites.
• Sprinkling of holy water.
Traditions in my family
• We always waited on my sister Yvette (who
was always late) to arrive so we always told
her to arrive an hour earlier than we intended
to start.
• After Thanksgiving dinner my Uncle Hector
and I each took a recliner in the back living
room and slept for a half hour before the
Traditions in my family
• My wife and I trade off holidays with our
• Every September 11th we watch United 93.
• Every Christmas we watch While You Were
• Halloween – watch Bravo’s 100 most scariest
movie moments while handing out the “good”
Brainstorming only
• Think about traditions in your
family/culture/religion that you have (or still)
• Why and how(what purpose) is the tradition
• Think of a time you vividly remember these
traditions/rituals practiced.
• Jot down ideas for a ½ - full page narrative.
Ticket out the door (T-O-D)
Answer in a complete sentence:
• Why do you think Father Paul agreed to
sprinkle holy water on Teofilo’s corpse?
How to Outline
• I. Topic
A. Subtopic
1. Detail
2. Detail
B. 2nd subtopic
1. Detail
2. Detail
• I. Topic
A. Subtopic
1. Detail
2. Detail
B. 2nd subtopic
1. Detail
2. Detail
I. Thanksgiving traditions –
A. Playing cards after dinner
1. Uncle argues the rules
2. Dad drinks too much
II. Christmas traditions
B. The youngest hand out the
1. They complain about
having to wait to open
2. Always have trouble
reading the tags.

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