AirWatch Talking Points

UMHS Enterprise Encryption
An Overview for Medical School Departments and Centers
January/February 2015
Action Required
Enroll the following mobile devices in AirWatch by 2/23/2015:
• Apple devices with iOS version 5.0 and above
• Android devices by HTC, Samsung, and LG running Android
version 4.0 and above
• Windows Phone 8
AirWatch is UMHS’s strategic Mobile Device Management
(MDM) encryption service and ensures security for
smartphones and tablets that connect to the UMHS
Benefits of AirWatch for Mobile Devices
AirWatch will:
– Keep our sensitive data safer ensuring patient trust
– Allow for remote deletion of data if a device is lost or stolen
giving you peace of mind
– Protect you against hackers as we increase the use of digital
and mobile technology in our daily work
– Permit you to reset passcode if locked out
– Provide access to our Exchange Outlook and MiChart services
– Allow us to deploy more value-added services in the future
What if I don’t (or can’t) enroll in AirWatch?
• If you don’t enroll in AirWatch, the only way you will be able to
access your Exchange email on your device is through a web
browser using Outlook Web Access.
• If you can’t enroll in AirWatch because you have an older
phone, please consider upgrading to an Apple or Android model
that is supported by AirWatch.
Need Help with AirWatch Enrollment?
Links to AirWatch DIY enrollment instructions available here:
Contact the your Service Desk for help at:
– MSIS Customers: 734.763.7770
– MCIT Customers: 734.936.8000
– School of Nursing Customers: 734.764.4425
For in-person, drop-in assistance schedule of enrollment clinics listed in Health
System Headlines and on MCIT Customer Service Center page:
Encryption for Outbound Email
• Not all email messages sent externally are transmitted
• Approximately 36,000 (0.12%) external messages are sent
annually that contain sensitive data which could be
interpreted as HIPAA / HITECH incidents.
• UMHS will be using a tool to encrypt outgoing messages
containing sensitive data.
• The tool will automatically encrypt outgoing email if it meets
HIPAA / HITECH guidelines.
• Users can also encryption outgoing email manually by
adding ‘[SECURE]’ to the subject line.
• Outbound email encryption will be enabled on 3/2/2015.
Got Questions?
• Review the FAQs:
• Send email to:[email protected]

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