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Arhles Ltd. offers own manufactured solid glued panels from
pinewood harvested in Arkhangelsk,
Russian Federation
Arhles Ltd. offers own manufactured solid glued
panels from pinewood harvested in Arkhangelsk
region of the Russian Federation. Timber from our
Northern areas has well-deserved reputation all
over the world thanks to special density and highest
quality inherent only to polar regions.
Arhles Ltd produces solid glued wood panels that retain their shape. The
panels are comprised from lamellas made of carefully selected pine
and fir. The panels are finished to perfection in our plant, for further
processing on all faces and edges, including painting or staining.
Our guarantees
The pine and fir panel production is executed as per the specifications
agreed with the buyer.
The production is in the hands of qualified staff, in a carefully controlled
environment, and supplied within the delivery time agreed.
Arhles Ltd edge glued solid wood panels are produced for a
variety of end users. Our clients include
• Furniture industry
• DIY stores
• Timber yards & manufacturers
Furniture industry
Many items of furniture are made from pine. In the production we play
an important role as manufacturer of semi-finished products.
Pine and fir
Pine and fir are popular wood varieties for the production of furniture,
particularly because these varieties are easy to process and colour. We
produce pine and fir solid glued panels for the furniture industry with wood
from Archangelsk Region, Northern Russia. The wood from the region enjoys
well-deserved reputation in the world due to special density and the highest
quality characteristic exclusively for the circumpolar regions. Due to slow
growing conditions, Arkhangelsk lumber counts twice more growth rings than
lumber of the same dimensions available from other countries. Fine wood
grains make lumber look good and testify that it is strong, durable and last
DIY stores
Solid glued timber panels are increasingly popular at DIY stores. The panels are
ideal for both professionals and DIY fans to make book shelves, for instance, and
furniture such as tables.
We sell our shelves in more than 100 Russian cities through the largest Russian DIY
chain Metrika.
The Arhles solid glued timber panels are very easy to use. They are supplied sanded
and are ready for use. The panels are perfect for painting or staining.
All timber panels are available in a wide range of widths and lengths. We produce
the pine and fir panels in three sizes: 18, 28 and 40 millimeters.
Arhles’s customers need to keep minimum stocks only. Thanks to the well thoughtout logistics and cooperation with reliable partners, delivery times are guaranteed
and adjusted to 'just-in-time' order processing.
Arhles pallets are foiled and provided with labels with detailed specifications and
customer information. Foiled products carry Arhles instructions with product
characteristics and EAN barcode. Upon request, we will package the products with
a 'private label'. If so required, we will also produce, print and stock the labels.
Timber Importers and merchants
Shelves — the name used for timber panels also used frequently in this sector
— form part of the product range available at many timber importers and
Extensive range
We offer an extensive range of shelves:
• in pine and fir
• foiled individually or otherwise
• in a wide variety of lengths and widths
• pine and fir are available in two thicknesses: 18 and 28 millimeters
We make beautiful, all-natural products. Respecting nature is our prime concern.
Purchase and production
This concern starts with the purchase of our raw materials. We purchase our
wood from sustainably-managed forests, from organizations involved in
responsible forestry. We then turn this environmentally-friendly and sustainable
raw material into fully recyclable Arhles edge glued solid wood panels.

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